Giving away T1 Filaments crates to players for the event

If anyone needs some abyssal filaments, I have a bunch that I can give away. Just leave a message here (mention username if different than your name on here).

Only doing this for a limited time and while supplies last. I’m in Jita 4 so that is where all my contracts will be.

I will be giving away 10 crates to each player.

Make sure to open the crates first and check what type they are so you can plan accordingly.

Thanks and have a good day!


10 crates of Filaments free of charge to each new player who contacts you? And they will be distributed by personal contracts in Jita?

Well, that sounds pretty cool. Not sure how many new players actually read these forums but still seems like a cool offer.

So how many Filaments are in a crate?

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Only 1 filament in a crate sadly but that’s why I am giving 10 away. Hopefully, people will get at least 1 of every type so they can decide which they want to do.

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Ahh, ok.

Sounds like you got a lot of crates, clearing out your citadel?


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Nope, I just bought them a while ago as I collect limited time items and knew i’d be giving them away eventually to new players who join my corp. I thought now would be a good time to give them out.

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That’s a good idea, give new recruits a taste of something different.

Anyway, good luck.

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Thanks, Hope you have a good day!

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I’ve just returned after a break, would like to try those abyssal. Name same as here. Thanks!

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I would love to try abyssals. Could you set up a contract for me, please?

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Ok the contracts are made, enjoy!

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Offer still open, recently prices have went up on T1 abyssal so It’s even better to get them free! :slight_smile:

Just leave a reply here and get 10 free, Make sure you have a good fit first!

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