Accepting Abyssal Filament Orders

If you need Abyssal Filaments then you should know that i am accepting your orders of all kinds of filaments that they exist in the Market.

Make sure the more filaments you will ask for and the higher tier they are the more time it may take to get them cause the market is still kinda “slow” especially for the tier 4 and above.

Simply just type down the type of Filament or Filaments that you need and next to it the Qty you want to get alongside to the In Game Character name that you want the contract to be made to.

The Prices for the Filaments will be at 95% of the Jita Sell Value By the time that the Contract will be made

The Filaments will be located in The Forge Region with most likely to be in Jita or within 1 jump range from Jita.

Feel Free to aks any Question below.

Pilot that you can contact in Game and that will have your contract from is Kate Stevens

Fly Safe Pilots o7

So this is the EVE version of selling short, or something?

You can call it like that even tho i stll havent done any Abyssal sites myself :stuck_out_tongue: Dont know why yet xD

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