Into The Abyss: First Impressions

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The price on buy orders varies from 10k ISK to 10m ISK with zero of any type available for sale. So I guess I’ll be waiting up to a week for the feeding frenzy to die down enough before I can snag any filament for a reasonable price and try the new content. My first impressions are… they should’ve seeded F1 filaments with NPC agents.

Some estimates are placing these at over 1-billion ISK on the first day. Well played CCP Fozzie, well played…

250m ISK… and now we’re up to 500m ISK (for the 2 I spotted).
Oh well, at least I get to update my Jita spam/block list…


Get a scan frig and farm your own filaments. You know they are dropping from data sites.


You mean the data sites that were already cherry-picked minutes after downtime?


Should have given everyone 1 free random filament. Hacked a few Data site no filaments yet.


All those whiners. If I’m getting home this evening I will do a low/null/wh data site run, and get you the filaments for 500M a piece.


@Tipa_Riot Thanks, but if I wanted to get bent over I’d just hang around the Jita undock.


Can anyone give this pilot a filament hi wont buy or obtain one.

Anyone?..CCP its not fair.

b-but I thought this content was log on for 20 minutes and accomplish something!!!1

still carrier ratting casualy…no stress

nothing new happened today no new patch keep moving…


If only data sites worked like that

can anyone confirm they found a filament?

Yes, I found a filament in a filament. :sunglasses:

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Nah, far call so far in a handful of data sites.

Gurista data sites are apparently glitched (no filament drops). And players are reporting finding filaments in relic sites. Man, the salt from players losing out on Day 1 sales is going to be so awesome.

:rofl: its allways the same …
“i want more stuff for free with no work and i want to make a lot of isk with it”
go out of your station and do some sites … you know how it works so deal with hit … if you dont want just make a few scam contracts like everyone else who lifes in jita :joy:


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Lifing a happy life. :sunglasses:


Didn’t they suppose to drop from relic sites? I thought I saw this thr first time they were introduced.

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Jesus Arthur…you are a highly knowledgable player and you often have some good posts and insights. But you are also the whiny-est person I’ve ever seen sometimes.



CCP predictably tripped and fell on their face out of the gate… again…

Month of hype.
Patch lands.
** crickets **


They were supposed to be dropping from Data Sites, not Relic Sites.

Edit: not that it really matters now. It’s bad for the people in Guristas space, but that will be fixed tomorrow I suppose.