Dev blog: Abyssal Deadspace - What Lies Beyond The Filament


(Cartheron Crust) #21

Fraction turrents!

(Advenat Bedala) #22

I’ll say but you’ll not listen. You didn’t last time.

Mutaplasmids will ruin any balance you ever did

Trash this idea
Create something more predictable

PS abussal space is a great idea. Random is what PvE in EVE really needs. Cannot say this for fitting.

(Penance Toralen) #23

Well after the Roman and Greek names for things, maybe it’s time for Gaul?

(Grey Solaris) #24

Honestly, tier 5 just feels like a literal nightmare. My HACs just get shredded regardless of whatever fitting I run. Just give the Drifter Battleships mini doomsday already and put me out of my misery please…

(Nocobo) #25

abyssal deadspace for solo player.
many single players live in the high sector. going into tier 4 and 5 Abyssal sites and if their thread will find it 100% drain at the exit without a chance of salvation. Is that right?
A group of t1 destroers can wait for the tier 1-3 Abyssal sites at the output…
Never search defenseless goals was not so simple for the pirates.

(Joell) #26

@CCP_Falcon The dev blog mentions that the filaments will be found in sites across New Eden, could we get some clarification on what type of sites?

(zluq zabaa) #27

There are still some rather large issues with Abyssal Deadspace @CCP_Falcon

  1. Perma-farming is possible
    The intent of allowing for short play sessions is understandable.
    For up to 20 minutes people can do their thing unhindered, ok.
    However those who want to farm sites, can endlessly repeat activating filaments.
    In the same solar system. After waiting a few seconds for the Abyssal Trace to despawn.
    This creates literally a parallel universe without Player 2 Player interaction.
    At least introduce a proper timer or make people jump systems before activating another filament.

  2. You are uncatchable
    While people can scan down your Abyssal Trace, there is a way to basically
    be uncatchable. A way that is no exploit, just a use of Abyssal Deadspace mechanics.

  3. Droprates don’t fit risk vs reward
    Last I checked the droprate for Filaments was too high, for Mutaplasmids way too low and for Triglavian Ship/Module Loot it seemed too high for lower Tier sites.
    (why run Tier5 in Lowsec, if you can safely run Tier3 in Highsec all day long for similar loot))

(HiddenPorpoise) #28

I think people are coming to this stuff with the mindset of all the other PvE in EvE where they ought be doing the hardest option because it’s there. For those of you that haven’t run the sites in the last two days (when semi final numbers were put in place) these things are meatgrinders. A specialty fit ship can usually manage everything in a tier 3 but will sometimes just get unlucky. And a tier 5 is plain suicide.

You won’t see abyss mods destroying balance on the wider scale because these sites will be killing HACs so often it will be seen as a cost of doing business. For much the same reason you don’t see fleets factioned out, it just wouldn’t be worth sourcing everything.

(Tipa Riot) #29

Except that is exactly the premise of the new feature. Create instanced dungeons isolated from the sandbox, to test new things without having to care about balance, performance, and any complexity an EvE developer has to keep in mind usually.

The best thing we can hope for now is, that one can ignore this crap, and that it doesn’t harm the gameplay for us not willing to interact with this parallel universe. The chances are good though with the current RNG based death mechanic.

Also consequently you can’t refer to EvE as single shard game anymore …

At the beginning I was positive about this feature as there were good options to tie this closer to the sandbox and to what players want. But (as usual) all feedback was ignored. To repeat my main critique points:

  • RNG based death
  • No “fair” PvP risk

(Ildrara) #30

It takes place on the same server doesn’t it?

(Spc One) #31

There is already a new “drone faction” on SISI, which means players will have standings to drones. Maybe CCP will bring us Drone LP store and special missions for “drone faction”. :sunglasses:

(HiddenPorpoise) #32

There is a timer that keeps you from being uncatchable already.

(Arthur Aihaken) #33

The 20-minute timer serves as a reminder of how much time you have remaining before a socket closure. Forget the Triglavians, Drifters or Rogue Drones - CCP’s network stability is the real threat.

(Spc One) #34

What happens if TQ comes under DDoS attack, or there is a sudden TQ cluster shut down due to an error ?
Do we all that are in A-Space loose ships and pods ? or does timer reset when cluser comes back online ?


(Dark Engraver) #35

No you die as does everyone else

(Zenafar) #36

And u won’t get reimburement of modules, that droped - ccp policy :smiley:

(Arthur Aihaken) #37

X7rhNn7 Ghg1x7C

(Dark Engraver) #38

You’re the guardsman ^^

(Tipa Riot) #39

Yes, but there is no gameplay reason to do it on the same server as there is no interaction with the rest of EvE, except entry and exit.

(Ildrara) #40

So chat, contracts, mail, and such suddenly quit working?