Bug with Abyss Sites

Hi I’v been running abyss sites in frigs on the test server for fun and ran into a bug:

This was the 3rd room and the lucid deepwatcher was taking little to no damage then I realised all my shots where glancing I was orbiting at 5km’s with my retribution at the time with conflag loaded so I lowered my speed and turned off the after burner just incase that would up the tracking abit still glancing, swapped to imperial multi for higher tracking and then it just started missing. After that I slowed the ship all the way down and loaded conflag again and it wouldn’t land a single shot after that.

I have a feeling something is buggy with the signiture radius of the lucid deepwatcher BS’s, always wondered why they took so long to kill now I know why.

Combat Log:

Can’t post the combat log becuase “New user’s can only use 1 picture at a time” even though Iv been on here since 2007 :wink:

it’s possible he had transversal on you

Not at all even approached him slowly while he moved away in the opposite direction, also check out the overview transversal was at 17.

based on that one screenshot then you might’ve been too close? i find that sometimes if the optimal is 10km and you sit at 1km you almost always miss if they have even a tiny bit of transversal

I think that only becomes an issue closer than 200m, definitely a bug :].

Be sure to file a bug report if you haven’t did so yet and provide the same details or link this thread. Should be the best way to inform CCP about the issue and the people relevant to correcting it. :bulb:

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Abyssal Space is the bug.


Players are the bugs, it’s working as intended

Maybe you desynced it wouldn’t be a first with abyssal space.

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