There is a glitched spawn for T5 Exotic Abyssal sites that CCP refuses to either admit the existence of or reimburse when you run into it. See the screenshot below:
Snip. Image removed for profanityBuldath*

There isn’t a sub-cap in eve that can survive that. Notice the spawn range and spawn size are both doubled. Also notice that you are not INSIDE the abyssal site and the usual graphics are gone only leaving you in a grey haze. This was room one of a tier 5 exotic and yet the exit shows as an origin gate.
Simply put, any ship that enters a site like this is destroyed within a minute. Period. You will not be able to shoot back while the 7 neuting battleships wipe out your cap leaving you slowboating to try and cover the 90km you need to close to be able to target. (at start spawn range was 120km, sensor damped to 32km target range).

I attempted reimbursement and was told that CCP didn’t find anything wrong. So, to me that means this is a normal spawn and CCP periodically sends it out to wipe out high end and very high cost ships and pods.

Do yourself a favor. Don’t feed CCP your 3 billion isk ships and 2.8 billion isk pods. Stop doing these until CCP fixes the issue or at least owns up to it.

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Please remove any all forms of profanity from the image before reposting. Thank you.

Here an image :stuck_out_tongue:

And yes I survive the spawn .
And I noticed after that the gate were open from the beginning :wink:
It is possible but you don’t have to fight them.
Some spécial reward in the only cache of the poquet BTW .

This is not a glitch or a bug.

Thread closed for ranting.