Ridiculous Abyss bug - all three rooms in the first room, with the Origin Conduit (Video linked)

This is a VOD from Hateless Gaming on Twitch, who jumped his three Hawks into a Dark Abyss site, and found 14 Leshaks and 5 frigates in the first room, with the Origin Conduit, all about 100km out.

Watch at 3hours 36mins to see it happen:

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This is not a bug, we think, but a new addition to the Abyss. So far we’ve seen this only in Tier 5’s. It’s about 3 spawns worth of Leshak with some smaller support ships. You can pop the cache, take it and run.

You do NOT, repeat, do NOT apparently have to defeat what is in the room. The gate is active from the start. This is not a bug. It’s a recent addition.

Edit: There also seems to be some new stuff in the Cache! If you see this room again, pop the cache and take it and RUN.

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Why would they take away two of my cans for my filament?

Edit: Share what was in the cache. I still say this is a bug.

No, its a new rare spawn by the look of it.

If it makes you feel any better the cache has a rare drop only from that room. And getting that room at all is pretty rare.

Since this was first discovered by a Russian, as far as we know, we’ve been running Tier 5’s to try to find it for ourselves with no luck. Thank you for this stream at least as it gives us more knowledge.

If you find it again if you have the time would you try to get closer to that structure in the background? There is a new structure which we assume to possibly be a Triglavian capital construction yard in the background of your footage.

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So, I can understand why one may think this is not a bug, and I am willing to accept the possibility that it is new content. Despite this, I still believe it is a bug. I do not know how you are stating with authority, though, that this is definitely not a bug and is new content.

There was no announcement of a change to this content, which people bring VERY expensive ships to, and spend a LOT of ISK just to even get into. I can see this being new content, but I would fully expect to be warned of this first.

Further I would like to say it’s possible the new Cache in this room has the loot of 3 normal caches. That would make sense. And since it was just added today there isn’t enough data.

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Its the whole point of a game, look surprises.

Correction, it’s not a new cache. I’ve just only run solo cruiser and didn’t know the cache that spawned for a single cruiser has a different name to that of the one that spawns when you do three frigates.

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This is what I have been saying. I really would like people to get all the data before making claims.

Frigate cans: Biocombinative, three rolls
Cruiser cans: Bioadaptive, one roll

It’s not a bug. It’s a new room that drops a new item, Semiosis Conduction Consoles and the new Trinary data streams.

I would be willing to believe that this is new content that should not have been live yet, without warning.

You can even see the construction yard in the background of the stream. Same as this model pulled from the updates.

The Abyss has always been about figuring things out without CCP holding our hand. Why do you want them to change now?

Figuring out a set of rules without handholding: One thing.
Changing rules with no warning and no post-change notification: A totally different thing.

You must be fun at parties!

It looks like a hidden live event. Abyss are meant to suprise, people ask for new, unexpected stuff and you are even given a free ticket to skip the room and run for your live if you care about space money more than about the fun.

  1. “You must be fun at parties!”: Ad-hominem, not constructive.

  2. “Abyss are meant to surprise”: Where is this stated?

  3. “You are even given a free ticket to skip the room”: Incorrect, that skips the entire site and you get no loot. If I leave, I wasted my filament. Not cool.

You can pop the cache, get the loot, and take the gate without killing anything.

It’s not a bug :slight_smile:

I really do not wish to propagate the negativity, so this will be a final communication on the matter from me.

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I mean, you can tap out all you like, but you haven’t provided evidence for a factual statement of “it’s not a bug”. I will accept evidence or official statements. Call me crazy.

As far as I am concerned, this entire situation is either at best, a bug, and at worst, an unannounced major change worthy of complaint.

The term ‘butthurt’ comes to mind…

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