New abyss type?


Tried to play in abyss 5 (electric) - have found some strange room there:

Big amount of Leshak ships etc Cannot kill it all… And strange loot found:

Was able to get out from this abyss room without all enemy kiils…
What is it?


The links do not match the description and the poster is first post ever.

What did you not understand from links? There are several screens of strange abyss’s room … And yes - it’s my first post here.

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Verifying: tier 5 only?

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I’m playing only 5 tier abyss … So don’t know about others …

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Another room … cannot take loot…

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As per the upcoming April update there is at least one new ship coming, and new modules. Perhaps this is part of the upcoming update? Those rooms look deadly and would require proper piloting and a proper fit. Perhaps bring a scanning rig to see what’s inside the cache if unable to acquire it?

If not that - it’s a new Abyssal content, or clever bunk.


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Yeah, new content and items being developed for Abyssal Space, probably for new in-game event. Check out these threads:

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