Strange pocket in lvl5 Abyss

Today i was farming some abyss and stumled upon very strange room in one of them.

There are too much Leshak’s in abyss, there are max 8 Leshak`s in normal abyss.
But after i lost my ship and imps (like 1M cost) i researched screenshot and decided that conduit is Original that means it is the last in abyss and it was opened, so all that i shoul do, take loot and run away:D

I hope You won’t repeat my mistakes)

And i would try to find some isk’s for new gila)

Fly safe^_^

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That looks like the World Ark construction site. Your best bet, unless you’re properly fit for it, is to burn straight to the gate. It should be open at all times, regardless of presence of rats (and it does look open on your screenshot)

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