Odd Abyssal Room

If you recall from the trailer when the abyss first launch a team of three frigates enters the abyss, they arrive in a single pocket with an already open gate an a hundred triglavian ships inside.

I had a similar experience today and I cant find any information online about it so I’m asking here:

I activated a t4 Fierce Dark Filament. When I arrived in the first pocket the gate was already open and there were 40+ leshaks and 10+ rodivas at 120 km around some kind of doodad structure I’ve never seen in the abyss before. I ran.

Was this a rare/site room like in that trailer? Is the room theoretically doable, or is running the right idea? Was this a world ark construction site?

Never seen a gate already active. I probably would have hauled ass as well.

There’s one room that’s a real hell hole with an open gate where you’re not supposed to fight anything but just run hard. It doesn’t show up very often, you just found it. It’s less of a DPS or tank test and more of an IQ test.

That explains it. I’m dumb, so I probably failed. lol

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In theory, you can beat that room, but it takes a lot of time and effort. I’ve only done it once and I’m not about to tell you how.


Polaris doesn’t count :slight_smile:

The polaris frigate has no offensive capabilities, so it wasn’t in that. :wink:


The shade here is real, I love it.
Thanks guys, I was really surprised when it happened, and it reminded me of the trailer. Good to know this was intentional.

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