Abyssal Rooms

I don’t understand how ccp believes some of the rooms are deserving for the tiers that they spawn in. More specifically t3 abyssal. I believe that sure there should be some rooms that are harder and others that are easier, like the frigate room. But the one that spawns 5 neuts and a karybdis tyrannos!? How is that a fair t3 spawn compared to some of the others spawns. I’m sure I could’ve piloted better but at the same time with other rooms that might have been threatening they were still fairly simple. This I had no clue what to do. I got neuted out within seconds even tho I was taking them out as fast as I could. That left me w/out the ability to use my adaptive invulnerability fields or my ab. so after i took out all the neuts i turned my modules on asap and tried to get out of her optimal range. Which from everyone i have heard was 65km. Yet I’m 70km away and still getting nailed. Not a small hit or anything but massive ones. I just simply don’t understand how this is a fair spawn compared to literally every other t3 spawn.

Ha ha ha ha ha. Thanks for sharing!


honestly I just wish ccp would see this


That spawn isn’t uncommon and you need to fit expecting to get ones like that.

Batteries will see you through it, maybe link your fit and someone can advise etc.

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Lost a ship. Came whining about it on the forums. Everybody laughed.

Oh dear, how unfortunate

‘why can’t abyss space be consistent and repetitive so i can farm it easily and safely’

Perhaps it’s missions you want to run.


Maybe you were outside the sphere?

I didn’t know it existed at first either. Orbited a Battleship and it took me outside the sphere. By the time I realized it, I was already dead. :stuck_out_tongue:

Perhaps you should have just burned towards the Tyrannos as fast as possible and then orbited it at 5km while you kill everything else. I think that’s how pretty much everyone deals with Karybdis Tyrannoses since abyssal filaments were introduced.

Thank you for this. Your contribution to the EVE economy is duly noted :rofl:

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