Cynabal room in frigate abyssal is bad trolling from this game developers

Hi so I got good most 5 lvl skills and been ressurecting my eve account to try frigate abyss to see if I could have some casual fun in my spare free time with eve and get some isk while at it .
I’m mostly into caldari skilled so going with Hawk.

After loosing some 10 hawks bling/cheap to the same t2 cynabal room it seems that the entire purpose of that spawn is to just kill your 40 mil frig or 300 mil frig or 1 bil bling frig just because there needs to be an isk sink forced in there.
I know “abyss is intended for 3 ppl at once” but realistically you know almost nobody is going to do that, they either multibox or try it out solo cause otherwise the risk/reward is just too low and I’m sure devs perfectly knew it in before.

So back to the cynabal spawn , it does not matter what you do, if 2 cynabal spawn dark/exotic, you’re dead.
I tried both blinged up close rockets/missiles ,kiting, stacked up 70+ all resist… piloting doesn’t really matter, basically you’re forced to overhead mod and brawl them asap, you got 30 seconds tops to kill them whilst webbed/scramed/fully neuted out which is downright impossible unless u go some 1 bil fit with best deadspace/faction launchers 100 mil drugs …by the time u get out u spent 10x more than what u got out of the site to barely survive it…not to mention ur loot pinata at discretion for gankers.
Tried both dark/exotic t2.
Could only find two runs on youtube with but with retribution vs cynabal room where one guy died and the other barely survived and those were blingy 600+m fits and fully maxed pilots.
All my cynabal encounters had 2-3 cynabal spawning, besides the little frigate spawns which is just a death sentence, you can’t out pilot or out tank or out dps that .

This isn’t a “difficult” room, it’s simply a death room that looks to be acting as a forced dumb threshold for t2 frigate abyssal. You’re either willing to risk 1.5 bil for the most blinged frigate + implants + drugs every run in hopes of “barely” surviving that room spawn for the same 5-15 mil per 15 minute run or spend half the time between every run to drop ur loot and back to the far away deep safe in the end you’ll prolly make less than mining in a venture at that rate but hey.

Best I’ve had was 3 cynabals, one of which was elite, in TIER 2…not to mention the extra frigate adds…3 people in blinged frigs couldn’t take that spawn, it’s just the developer saying “you need to loose your ship so we pretend there’s an actual fight going on” , might as well have a tower with 5% chance of spawning that one shots you ,every room, it’s basically the same thing.

The thing is every other rooms I barely take damage or it’s manageable, it does require lots of manual piloting etc…but it’s an actual challenge.
The cynabal room is just a forced isk sink that feels cheap and something that a 3yr old could come up with.

abyss was initially designed for cruiser sized ships. at some point they let destroyer duos and frigate trios in, although it never got tweaked/balanced for those little ships. for that reason a solo frigate will hit its limit at some point. realistically this is in t1 for most pilots and t2 for the experienced guys.

if you want to progress further you have a few options. upship in to a cruiser, get friends/multibox, or improve your skills/knowledge/piloting. i recommend to pick two of those points.

fun fact: (or not so much) in high tier abyss the drifter and drone battleship can randomly oneshot most frigates with a wrecking hit

i agree, there is a big difference in difficulty from angels compared to other rooms in dark hawk(s). its almost like cynabals are there so its not too easy and can get “cheesed” like it was before we got angels in the abyss.


I have been running electrical T4’s in my gila easily for about 3 months so far. Had some close calls but with good piloting it’s not that bad! (aka picking right targets, not letting drones die, and actually keeping distance from deadly NPCs through ship maneuvers) Almost like pvp honestly.

You will be spending billions in implants and gear if you choose to progress up the abyss tiers. Maybe in a few months/years ill try out t5… :sweat_smile:

I have seen many of these “Karen room” posts here. CCP will not make abyssals easier up to you to do the work. I have seen HACs used in abyssals. Ikursa comes to mind for me if I had to fly a HAC in t4 abyss.

I mean this is no secret you uncovered… There are rooms that are designed to push the LIMITS of your ship or even kill you. All abyssal runners know this.

Thx to @Tahiro for his excellent points on progressing up in the abyss.

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Not at all. The issue is that you are going into an area solo that is content for a trio of your shipsize.

In addition to that, if there are people who have successfully survived this room, it’s a skill issue. You have either not blinged enough, used a suboptimal fit or made at least one wrong decision during the encounter.

I just did T2 Darks in a Hawk and the Cynabal Room I encountered was pretty easy:
2x Lucifer Cynabal
2x Lucifer Echo
1x Lucifer Swordspine
1x Lucifer Medusa
= piece of cake, didn’t even break asweat. Room was clean without any manual piloting or overheat or anything.

My Hawk fit cost like 170M, cheap implant clone (3% Rockets+RoF)


Yeah as I said it’s doable if you jump from a 200 mil hawk + 50 mil implants to a 1 bil fit with mid grade sets then it’s doable for the elite cynabal spawn and a heavy neut/disabler frigate combo.

Anyway after playing around a bit with fits I found one that can solo the room without much bling, bout 200 m tops just like you said and getting out alive if there’s 2 regular cynabals and no 4 smiths/neuters/scramer frigates at once and on my 3nd cynabal room encounter with this fit I got so excited I could finally manage this dumb cynabal spawn that I forgot my overheat on and burned my weapons …eVe

The fit was cheap , 30% of it’s value where the blue pills in my cargo that I was keeping for the encounters duh…sat there healing until the timer expired. You overcome something that seemed impossible but die due to the most dumb mistake possible , lol.

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