So, I would like to see Anyone in ANY fit with ANY implants trying to pass cynabal room (Would like even more if someone from ccp games will do it on they useless streams) with 4 elite lucifer cynabal and 4 lucifer cynabal in frigates in cataclysmic abyss.

Till that moment I would consider CCP guys who don’t play they own game and have no idea how this game works, cause passing this room on frigates if you are unlucky to get 8 cynabals is mathematically impossible, IF I am stupid noob and crybaby pls, prove me I am wrong, would like to see how is done.
I never asked if a cruiser can do it, or destroyer, I asked specifically what frigate can do it when it spawns (is random) not 1,not 3, but 8 cynabals, thk.

Folks have been figuring out ways to do stuff ccp throws at them since 2003. You can do it!

Maybe fast and not solo might be the way?

Perhaps at least be inspired by this guy doing his thing a couple years ago:

Isn’t there an ingame abyss channel?

Good luck, buddy!

Post killmail

did you expect to clear t6 deathless in a set of 150m throwaway hawks? that would be completely broken and is probably the reason why angels exist in their current form. on average you get an angels spawn ever 8-10 sites, thats not too bad, considering the the t6 payout and the low cost of your setup. if that tradeoff bothers you too much, you can invest in to a more blingy and reliable frigate setup, or multibox t6 cruisers and laugh at angels.

There are multibillion (and I mean like 6b or more) fits complete with HG crystals, blingy abyssal shield boosters and props, and insane DPS. The Gila is particularly popular.

Rist Ozuwara just yesterday or the day before posted a video with a 32b Ishtar. They still almost died to that very same Cynabal wave (maybe it was a different one, but I think it was the Cynabal one). T6 abyss is supposed to have you die. Add ganking and you have an activity with insane income but requires careful planning. The ideal setup has you as unappealing to a ganker as possible, low enough cost to die occasionally and easily still make huge buck (more than T5 anyway, otherwise just do T5). I think it is one of the best things ever introduced by CCP. Period.

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  1. Beginning a topic in ALL CAPITAL LETTERS makes you look somewhat stupid…

  2. T6 Abyssals are balanced around the fact that you either

  • risk a multibillion ISK cruiser setup which initially will burn a huge hole into your wallet and then pays off over time if you can keep it alive and not end up being killed from a disconnect, a gank or because you made one dumb decision when chosing your target priority
  • chose cheap setups that pay off very fast, often after 1-2 successful runs, but die every now and then. The profit comes in the long run by completing 8 out of 10 runs. Angel Room with 8 Cynabals is one that ends successful winstreaks for frig-setups, so what? There are other rooms that can easily end streaks on other setups. No big deal, profit comes over time.
  1. Anyone running T6 has absolutely no reason to complain about PvE in this game. Especially not suggesting that it should be made easier
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video you sended they are only 3 cynabals, if you are lucky it could even be 1 in t6, but if you are unlucky they would be 8 like in example i specifically told, they are big difference between 3 and 8.

is still not the answer lol, I specifically asked of one video in any fit, even 10b frigate each that would be able to do that room, otherwise I see no reason why I sould have a granted wipe every 10 runs.

I asked specifically for frigates, not gila.

Totally agree.if I could do it in cheap fit it would be broken but pls show me one setup of ANY frigates, in ANY abyss time with ANY implants that can deal with 8 cynabals, or show me at least a video of it.

Nobody will send you such a video because no one is stupid enough to run a thousand sites until he gets that specific spawn in a setup that maybe make it, just to make you a video of it. It’s still absolutely not a problem.

lol , thousands, they are people who do t6 abysses on regular basis and it takes 5-6 runs statistically to get cynabal room, people run 10-20-30 runs each day. It’s nt a problem for someone like you who never did it XD

…which is why I replied to you:

So…if you know people are doing bunches of T6…then you are contradicting your original complaint…
Well alrighty then - hope you feel better after venting.

Sorry, didn’t see that bit.

Singularity exists for a reason. If you can’t use frigates to beat the Cynabal wave, go back to T5. If that isn’t as much income as the T6, congratulations! You’ve found out that people aren’t ever supposed to be deathless in the abyss.

If I had to suggest any frigate comp it would be two Worms with a Scalpal logi or the above Amarr AF comp. I don’t think Harks would work, or Harpies. Cruisers have just so much HP, and they do so much damage, at longer range. Also, Gila drones are way more durable than any frigate drone, meaning they last longer. Cruisers can also easily fit MTUs in cargo, allowing them to avoid the approach and loot of the cans. Just blow them up, drop a MTU on the gate at any time, and the wrecks will come to the gate, massively reducing time.

The Cynabal wave is designed to have the insane DPS and alpha to break frigates. That is the entire point. Otherwise you’d have people in hundred-million-isk frigate compos just absolutely making bank from these sites.

The best way to learn is through trial and error in Tranquility. The second best is through trial and error on Sisi. Try that, because going to the forums, being mad, and not engaging in respectful dialogue is much further down that list.

o7, my net worth is only like 900 mil, so you must be doing something right that I am not…

I’m moved to T5 actually only cause this wafe and some simple math,but still mad at ccp for it.
let me explain, I pay 360 m/h to get into t6 abysses, in “normal” scenario I would make 3 t6 in a hour considering rewarps to put loot in station etc etc.
this is Equivalent of 1150m.
Looks great till you start counting, the ods of getting angel room are around 15% in a run.
So let consider average scenarios.
Case A in 10 runs I will have 2 angel rooms, this means I will lose my 400m of hawks+260m of filaments+700m of loot, this means in 10 runs (let say I do them in 3 hours, is more then realistical) I will get 3.500.000.000 , to enter 10 t6 abyss on frigates is isks already + (400+700)
So we are left with isks in 3 hours of farm.
Of course in scenarion B when we get this room only once, we are left with 1.750.000.000 roughty.

Now let see if I am doing t5, I’m fairly chilling,nothing can really wipe my ass, and I doo whole run in 10-12 minutes (in worst case). Filaments for one run costs roughtly 35m, average loot is 175m x run. so doing easy math I’m making 700m/h without any risks of being unlucky and wiped, I don’t even needs drugs, implants, waste time of bringing new ships to this 0.5 shithole etc.

And this is why, only cause 1 room, t6 abysses are almost done by no one , at least in frigates.

Also in my personal opinion is not healthy to make “sure wipe room” to balance the income, make income less but give me chance, sounds more reasonable for me then forcing player to die to npc lol.

ALSO IN T5 every 10 runs you ill have one EXTRA FREE room of loot (special t5 room)

yeah, cause frigates are bad for T6

That’s like saying you are mad at CCP for introducing sensor dampeners because your Punisher makes a horrible damping ship.

Just use a Cruiser or stop whining!

that room is definitely not impossible to solve in frigates. though there are also other factors besides the spawn variant that can make it even harder, like spawn distance, towers, clouds, unfortuntate aggro switches, etc. i know a few abyss runners who are able to deal with this kind of things in frigates, myslef included, but i also know that many just get completely overwhelmed by easier spawns.

i dont make videos, but can give you pointers in the right direction if you upload one.

here is a log from me that shows a nearly comparable spawn. its not 8 cynabals and not in hawks, but its the best i found in the least amount of time. based on this tread i cba to put more effort in to it…
Successful T6 Electrical in Frigates | Abyssal.Space telemetry
thats without any rolled modules and only 2-3% implants

You are not that good at math, are you?

If you have one Angel Room in every 10 Rooms you run and one of 20 Angel Rooms is one with 4 Cynabals + 4 Elite Cynabals then you need statistcally 200 rooms until you encounter ONE of these rooms for testing. Even if you test only 5 possible setups that could maybe beat them, that would take a thousand runs. I fly T6 with a cruiser and I am not even sure that I have ever encounterd a 4+4 Cyna room in all the T6, mostly it’s a mixture of up to 6 Cynas and a bunch of frigs.

thk very much, first nice answer.

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