Abyss number of enemies. Random? Bug? Intended?

Hello there, I’ve been running abyss quite a bit lately, starting from T1 up to T6 and this thing happened a couple times so far. UNREAL amount of enemies spawn in a room, I have quite a bit of experience now and know pretty much all spawns, combo, e-war, I also know how to handle pretty much everything. Like in T6 I sometimes encounter that infamous time consuming room all ephialtes rooms (about 25 of them), but I had a room with like double that amount. 50 cruisers. 20 of them confusers alone. I still managed to clear the room and thankfully the other 2 rooms where normals so I had enough time to clear and get out.

Has those unreal numbers happened to anyone else? Is there somewhere we can see the maximum amount of spawn a room can have? Its been 3-4 times I encounter this in a couple hundreds runs.


Some of them are designed to kill you 100%.


Next time please make a screenshot of your encounter. I have run hundreds, maybe thousands of T5/T6 abyssals and never encountered a room with 50 cruisers. Some spawns look very large, but it’s definitely not 50.

Yes, there can be some pretty crowded rooms in the high tier abyssals, but mostly they are pretty balanced. For example if you encounter a mass-cruiser room, the higher the number of ships is, the more Ephialtes (which have very low HP) are among them. The more Scyllas are among them, the smaller the total number.

It looks like as if the spawns are somewhat randomly calculated based on a “points-system” much like it is used for the AllianceTournament. Stronger ships result in smaller spawns, weak ships can appear in large numbers. Some seem to have at least a single ship as “core spawn” like th Overmind or the Karen rooms and only their support is created randomly (but again, balanced by point values in numbers).

Of course it’s always possible that a new bug appears with any update, which is why hard evidence (make a video or at least screenshots) would be nice.

Thanks for the reply, I will def try to screenshot next time, but to be honnest I was so super focus on surviving that unreal wave that I didnt had any time to properly screenshot until i cleared most of the room. As for number of spawn, I have enough experience to know exactly how many ships are there depending on size, faction and class. But it seems to me there is some kind of randomness like can spawn 6-15 ephialtes (type) x3 witch can result in a room with 18 cruisers or 45 cruisers. Again this only happened to me a couple times (very rare).