Dramatically increased EHP of Karen room in abyssals

A few folks (including myself) have noticed that as of this evening the drifter cruisers in the Karen (drifter battleship) room spawn with full shields, instead of partially damaged. This means their shields go from 2436 to the full 10,000 and it more than doubles their EHP. Since this is already a very high EHP room it dramatically increases the dps requirements to clear runs, and, since this is also an extremely high incoming dps room espicially while the aforementioned drifter cruisers are alive (due to their ewar) this change will dramatically increase the tank requirements as well.

This change will also make gamma filaments much, much harder.

maybe they are meant to be more difficult on the test server… try playing on the live server see if they are hard.

Yes, I have done this room on both servers many times, this is a new change on sisi as of tonight. That’s the point of the thread.

Question is: what is the intention of this change?

  • eventually rolling this change out to Tranquility?
  • increasing abyssal difficulty on test server only (to encourage players to solve their PvE on Teanquility)?

Either of those is a good reason, but I wonder what the purpose is.

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Yes, I wonder too.

I also wonder if it could simply be a bug.

Also possible.

the entire point is this could render abyssals with a lot more death draws of getting multiple rooms in a row with super high dps (maybe impossible) requirements.

Yes, it may require pulling range on karen (she has a 60o80f range), which mitigates damage but slows you down significantly.

To be honest this makes the stormbringer even more appealing, since it can still eliminate the cruisers in plenty of time with it’s splash damage

What is the intention of every change CCP makes? To make things worse for the players.

Sounds like Karen doing well “Karen” thing… you sure may be CCP pun ?

Try and bring this to the attention of the bug hunters on SISI. More likely to get some action there than on the forums … that the dev’s don’t read … :psyccp:

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true point, the only way to get anything on SiSi resolved is through a bug report in game.

this is CCP so I would put my isk on it being a bug

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