T6 Gamma

Hi all.

This is my first post :slight_smile:

I was torn between general discussion and bug thread but elected for this as I am open for feedback / other player experience or to be told it should be on the bug forum.

OK so I run abyssal sites and comfortably manage Gamma with a shield passive fit with high grade nirvanas, omega nirvana and 2 shield implants which give me a passive regeneration of 214hpps. My EHP is 184k when in the gamma with the bonus it gives to shields.

Reason for my post is the apparent inability to kill a specific spawn, the Marshals. I have a kill mail in which I took 174k damage from these guys. I accept the loss this isn’t about that.

Reason for the post, is my character has lvl 5 missile skills, shield skills, drone skills and even has Min’ drone level 5 to absolutely get the highest DPS possible. Afterburner, speed etc and Pithum A afterburner and Pithum A Type shield hardener

Essentially, the highest skills possible specifically designed for this filament and it runs it without breaking a sweat bar this or rather, wave. I also use boosters to get extra 5%.

The wave i’m referring to comprises of 3 attacker marshal battleships with 2 drainer marshal battleships, 3 or so painters and 2 storm bringers.

There simply isn’t a way to DPS these guys out before you pop. They unleash an insane amount of DPS, 174k in a single room… I googled it and saw players complaining it’s impossible so thought i’d come and ask for some opinions?

In closing, other marshal spawns i deal with without issue and usually in around 2-3 mins tops it’s just when I spawn to 5 battleships, i know it’s game over and this, seems unfair at worst, or in need of fixing at best.

Sorry the essay, appreciate any feedback or comments. KR, Nath

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The whole point of abyss is that there is no guaranteed win. There’s always a chance of a spawn that will screw you over.

If anything is broken/needs fixing its this bit:


Thanks for the reply and input.

So I’m understanding correctly, it’s an intended feature that there is guaranteed spawn that will kill you regardless of skill set, boosters and fit?

You may be able to deal with it in another fit, but that other fit may not be able to deal with other spawns.

I’m telling you that abyss space in general is not meant to be ‘solvable’.

Maybe another fit. Maybe another ship. Maybe you’re right, maybe CCP put in an impossible room just to make sure.

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Thanks for the reply.

I was looking at the Ishtar but the DPS is similar to my Gila and the tank no where near enough. I sim fit replaced the shield extenders and shield rigs to go full passive regen but Karen frequently whacks me for 3k as do the overlords so a wrecking shot would pop me.

i have the max possible DPS and EHP which is why I was asking if it’s just an impossible spawn.

If it is and there’s no intention o fix this, i’ll simply stop running abyssal sites. No issue, i’m just wondering that’s all as i can’t see how this wave is anything other than a kill wave to keep players in negative isk ratio.

I’m no abyssal expert (in fact, I’ve barely scratched them), but there are cruisers with more DPS than a Gila. How would an Ikitursa do?

Hmm thanks…

I watched Aceface run few fits on the test server and it didn’t end well. I liked the Ishtar but tank really suffers. I love my cerberus but damage application, even with max missile skills means most i can do is T4.

I accept the loss as soon as i undock it isn’t about that this is just wondering if there’s any pilots who can say they’ve done these spawns as google results suggest it simply cannot be completed. Far too much DPS output to be survivable and i’ve tried taking the marshals over 70k and also closing range to add missile DPS. 174k damage in a single room, even if i had active tank i’d of popped due to the marshals neuting me soon as i spawn from 50k out.

For me, i’ve played since september and only ran abyssal as missions bore me as does wormhole space etc i enjoy the risk of abyssal sites which is why i run them. However if it’s specifically designed to kill me once every so often, then it will completely erode the point and enjoyment of running them and i will have to try something else. I’d prob just leave actually as if the devs were so shady as to ensure players were always at negative isk income then i wouldn’t want to support eve further. It has to be fair from dev to player level and if they’re designing a single spawn to ensure death no matter what that isn’t right or fair.

That was indeed the goal of abyss space. But that’s not the same as confirming there is one room out there that is impossible no matter what you do.

If abyss space didn’t occasionally kill you (not the same as isk negative) then it would be farmed too much.

The claim that you can do most abyss sites with a single fit is more concerning (to me) than a single spawn you can’t get past.


There is however multi-plasmid mods. That may give you a further boost.

That’s the issue though. If you’re risking a 7bil fit (inc implants) for a site which pays 70-150mil average but has a guaranteed spawn that will inevitably kill you, be it spawn 1,10 or 50 then the evitability of death will always wipe out your ISK made up to that point by fact you have to replace 7bil loss.

That’s what I was asking but it appears the answer is evident in that this spawn will kill you no matter what. Shame as like I say, Abyssal sites where what i found interesting about Eve. I’ve got some pvp kills and tried WH nullsec etc

You don’t have to use a 7bil fit. People are running T6 abyss and making isk despite their losses.

If you could use a 7bil fit and never lose thereafter, that would be far worse than an impossible room.


Maybe the room is meant to be run by 3 frigs or two dessies…

I think it’s good that there is always a (minimal yet nonzero) chance of dying in abyssal space, as that means people are required to think about the cost-efficiency of their fits rather than max-bling everything.

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Hi there,

I feel your pain here, and alas it sounds like you went paper, and this room went scissors.

The marshal spawns in particular will crucify any ships with large signatures, such as say a passive tanked Gila. The main dps from marshals is from the missile spam they hit you with, which is negated by high speed and low signature.

That is before you even consider extra webbing/painting/blue clouds etc.

These rooms are tricky regardless, but you will have a better chance with an effective active tank on a Gila in this room in particular, or perhaps another ship (Ishtars are practically made for T6 gamma imo).

Check out the guides in the abyssal lurkers channel, lots of decent fits and strategies available.

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