Available for Sale - Abyssal (Gist X-Type) X-Large Shield Booster - PvP Cap stable/PvE almost stable


Got to be one of the best and most efficient X-Large Shield Boosters in the game. Excellent HP/GJ with almost no extra CPU requirements. The slightly longer cycle time actually helps the Cap even more, giving a great GJ/second reading. Stats:
Base HP/GJ before skills: 5.78
My Golem’s HP/GJ: 8.83
With Amplifier: 12.01
With Bastion: 17.66
With Bastion and Amplifier: 23.19
GJ/Second: 31.58
Almost doubles my capacitor life over the standard Gist X-Type booster when switched on.
Can be strongly used for Tough PvE and Gang PvP - when combined with 2 x Boost Amplifiers and Bastion, you are boosting almost a Third of a Golem’s Shield HP in each cycle, more if you use blingy Boost Amplifiers. It would be even more for the Vargur. This will quite possibly be the closest you will ever come to Cap Stability with an X-Large Shield Booster.

For comparison, there is another Abyssal Gist booster on Jita contracts with better HP/GJ, but it’s CPU requirements are terrible meaning it can’t be fitted, so is practically worthless despite having a near-perfect roll in all other attributes.

Can be contracted in Jita or anywhere nearby. Reply here or mail me ingame. Serious offers in the Billions please… at least 5billion. I’m not desperate to sell it either, as it’s such a nice module and so useful in a variety of situations.

Come on, Roll-up, Roll-up!

If somebody makes an offer I could be persuaded to sell at the minimum…

Price cut to 6billion - would prefer to sell sooner rather than later.

maybe worth 2b max idk why ur trying to get 6b


Because the Activation Cost is the lowest on the market in recent times for an X-Large Booster. Seriously, a Marauder pilot could use this to make a killer active tank for his Elite PvP battleship gang, up to about 10 people. The Activation cost and the cycle time together mean that your Cap lasts for over 5 mins in a PvE environment while running it constantly. That means you can do more Sleeper sites with less people. And the CPU is the same, so the fitting requirements are no worse, really. And when Bastion is switched on… well, the active tank becomes Brutal :parrotwave4:

This makes it very useful, yet very fittable, and very rare. So it has the collector’s value too :slight_smile: The other X-Large Boosters on the contract market are garbage. You will also notice that almost all of them are based on the Pith Booster, not the Gist Booster. Pith is way inferior to the Gist. Gist better.

Oh, and one more thing. I have a PvP Gang Golem fit where this thing is Cap Stable. Yes, it is actually possible to achieve Cap Stability with an X-Large Shield Booster, that isn’t Ancillary nor fits a Cap Booster.

if you had a massive GJ bonus on a pith then it would be worth a few bil because of the higher rep amount from a Pith - x, but since its a gist, i have to agree with the guy before, its just not worth 6 bil, sure its rare but it also doesnt have that much higher of a rep bonus on it, if any at all

A Pith booster has bad base GJ usage, which means you can never get a good efficiency result with a Pith. Shield Boosters aren’t necessarily about boost amount. It’s about the efficiency ratio, or HP/GJ of cap used, which determines how long you can keep it running for… A Pith booster might give higher absolute reps than a Gist, but it’s cap usage is always terrible, which for an X-Large booster especially, means you will run out of cap very quickly. This isn’t a problem on the Gist booster, which can give very low activation cost with the right Abyssal version but decent boost amount, which is what mine is.

I will wait for a Collector or Wormhole/Abyssal runner to take an interest.

Everyone who is pvping will have cap boosters, and if you’re tanking XLSB dps you’re probably getting neuted. The only pvp application I can see for this mod is as an oversized cruiser/bc booster due to a medium cap booster being able to take the cap strain. 30gj/s is impressively low and would make for a very troll kite cruiser.

2.5b bid

We have a starting bid. No more discussions on the price by other posters, as I know what this module can be used for.

Daily Prod

Daily prod

Daily prod.

Daily prod

Still available!

Price just reduced to 5billion… come and get it

Price reduced to 4.5billion…

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