WTS GOD-TIER Abyssal X-Large Shield Booster; one of a kind!

WTS 1x Abyssal (from Pith X-Type) X-Large Shield Booster. Unique piece, one of a kind.

Terribly good activation costs and duration
Meh CPU and bad Powergrid
One of the highest shield bonus overall
For a grand total of 301.5hp/s.

Price is 19 B. What, don’t you have a bestla to build ?


Bumppity bump


10 bln



Someone watches Nico…

No idea who or what that is sadly

He uses that God-Tier expression quite frequently. Good luck on your sale.

still up for 10b?

haha yeah, didn’t realise at first, I indeed watch nico (no pun intended)

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