Abyssal space data analysis

hey guys I’m an economics student at university and instead of preparing for finals I thought id do the mother of all spreadsheets analysing the risk/reward of running deadspace missions so this post is a precursor to my main post relating to it. this one is for the purpose of creating appropriate sample sizes before I look at asking the community for their data/experiences in abyssal deadspace. however I’m currently too new of a player to collect it all myself

so the question is what is the most and least amount of of ships you’ve encountered in each room?

it doesn’t need to be specific and race doesn’t matter though if you can serperate it into each class of ship (frigates,cruiser, etc etc)

thanks in advance and I look forward to sharing the finished result with you guys :slight_smile:

What part of “every Abyssal instance is random” did you not understand? I’m sure not many players are sitting there counting and writing down each and every ship type while they are inches away from certain death and a 20 minute timer…

its not truly random though as you well know. they will have parameters to stop 100 battleships spawning and such so it can be predicted to a degree. and I wasn’t asking for specifics but most people with half a brain can look at their overview and says there’s 20 odd ships in system or whatever.

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Yeah I guess if someone bothered to video capture their adventures in various Abyssal instances and then go back and watch the video and make note of everything.

it literally takes less effort than replying to remember the one time you got curb stomped by 5 battleships in the first room, not too sure why you’re so opposed to the idea XD

I have done some of my own basic analysis of the risks of doing Abyssal sites. You can read my blather here.

I have been recording some of my Abyssal runs. How much are you willing to pay for a copy of each video?

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