More Ships than possible in Abyssal Pocket?


I have a Question, yesterday i died in an T5 Electrical Pocket.

There was 13 Leshaks, after my dead i maked a Screenshot, before my dead i killed 2, so 11 remain. Imgur: The magic of the Internet

I checked Eve Uni, there are only 6 from this Leshaks in the Pocket: Possible rooms in Abyssal Deadspace - EVE University Wiki

i checked Youtube too, same thing, 6 Leshak in this Pocket:

So, my Question is, why i had 13 Leshaks in this Pocket where only can be 6^^?

o7 fly safe

Worth noting that the Eve University page has “This page is a work in progress. Notes: Needs to be updated with the Depths of the Abyss update” written across the top of it - it also doesn’t reflect some of the things I’ve seen in the lower Tiers since the Depths of the Abyss update.

The video you linked also pre-dates that Update by nine or ten months.

I suspect the reality is what you saw rather than a bunch of out of date references. Life in Eve moves on. It wouldn’t be fun if it didn’t.


It was special room. I bet gate was already open?

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Could be Zirnitra Shipyard pocket. Lots of Leshaks. Unlocked gate.


That means, in this pocket i don’t need to fight only fly trough to the gate??

That would explain why, in the screenshot you shared, that the gate is already open. I hadn’t noticed that!

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ok…are there more of this “special rooms” or ist this the only one? When there more of this, need i to know more over this rooms? Are the Gates in all this rooms open from beginning?

Some are, some are not.

The point in Abysal was it was supposed to break free of the eve online scripted pve providing a hard counter to botting that is rampant in all other pve areas.

By limiting it to 1 ship the next best thing to botting was nullified, n+1 multi boxing.

You also got a suspect timer which further prevented but this was removed as botters shunned abysal for the previous reasons.

Abysal development was halted as CCP focused on bots as baseline subscription. You can get a profient bot for abysal now like all other eve pve.

The easy lazy fix would be to bring suspect timers back for all abysal or create a basic CAPTHA fitting to the eve 'verse.

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