Another complete fail on abyss balance

I believe CCP had announce a patch notes for limiting the same type enemies spawned too much in the same pocket …it turns out to be a ■■■■■■■■ :slight_smile:

How many is “too much” ?

Ask 5 people and you get 6 answers…

Different people have a different approach on difficulty…

I see no problem you should be ready for these and the mass renewing spawn

6 leshaks all with neut role, it should not happen since 1 month back update. CCP announced that they limited the number of the same role enemy spawned in same pocket. so all neut leshaks should not apeared in my overview should at least have some different type of leshaks

yes , they are no threat to me …even spawn 8 of them will still not be a threat to me

They have altered the deal, pray they dont alter it any further.


How’s that Gila working out for you? Speaking of balance fails…


Then why complain?

I think you were already in half structure by the time you took that screenshot.

yes, you are right if these leshaks spwaned within 40KM or I stupidly run into their range I will be surely dead. but I got my special tactical strategy to counter them so I survived. but I wont think this is funny by risking my shinny ship

You want no risk is what your saying?

What tier are you in? CCP only made the lowest tiers easier, they did not nerf T4 or 5.

That being said 5 starving Leshak’s rough man… F for respect.

Looks like it was six actually. Five locked and another on overview.

CPP made the statement for not letting this 6 neut leshaks ■■■■ happen but this happened

Tier 5

I have had all renewing spawn 7 or 8 and max I have seen so far in thermal is 6 or 7 neut leshaks this is T5 thermal. They are not impossible like some people say but it requires right setup and attention. I hope they keep them it certainly wakes you up during sessions.

Abyssal complaints = working as intended by CCP.

yes, you are right! working as intended :sob:

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