Abyssal death spawn gives players no chance. IMO

So if i’m wrong feel free to correct me or post suggestions, I want to know, but every once in awhile there seems to be a spawn that will unavoidably kill you no matter your fit or choices.
I’m talking about the full starving leshak battleship spawns.
For example I was just in simple a T3 fierce firestorm when the first room spawned 4 starving leshaks, their neuts drain immediately once locked so I only got 1 prop mod cycle before getting dumpstered. They can easily keep a slow boating cruiser at their preferred range of 35km which is well out of range for guns that are effective in abyss like rapid ML2. Running a gila with 3 drone damage amps and all relevant skills to 4 or 5 I could take down only one before my shields were gone.

In short, you can’t use a fit with active modules, you can’t kite and drones alone can’t do enough damage. Doesn’t feel like gameplay, just an uncontrollable random sacrifice.
Of course you can invest in an overly priced multi-billion isk ship to run simple t3’s with, but then your subject to lose it if you get disconnected for any reason whatsoever and t3’s don’t even make that much to begin with.

I’m also assuming if you get this spawn in a t4 or 5 it will be harder in almost everyway, anyone have personal experience with it? If you know a strategy to beat this site or a fit that can do it without becoming vulnerable in another way I would love know. So far in my opinion they should adapt it in a way that gives players a chance, like if the neuts worked after a cycle that might give your prop mod time to get in range if your quick and overheat.

For reference i’ll list my fit below, it’s simple and cheep but effective.
high slots:
x4 rapid missile launcher
mid slots:
x2 invulnerability fields
x3 large shield extenders
x1 10mn afterburner (microwarpdrive gets shutdown by anchor npcs)
low slots:
x3 drone damage amplifiers
x3 Medium core defense field purgers (shield extenders slow you down to the point where the timer becomes a problem on average, but maybe in this instance it could have saved me.)

Everything is tech 2, all relevant skills are 4 or 5, no relevant implants or boosters.

shield rechargers in low slots

Capacitor Battery will give you some protection from the neutralizers.


I made quickly one fit in pyfa in very similar price range as the fit which you lost. It is just to give you an idea. It is almost all Tech2 and costs less than 300M, which is very affordable for Tier3, I believe (Gila is under 200M in Jita today).
In contrary, this is an active fit. Capacitor recharge is similar to fits which run T5’s consistently. It is difficult to cap it out. But resists and repair rate are obviously lower.

[Gila, Gila fit]

Capacitor Flux Coil II
Drone Damage Amplifier II
Drone Damage Amplifier II

10MN Afterburner II
Republic Fleet Large Cap Battery
Adaptive Invulnerability Field II
Gist C-Type Thermal Dissipation Field
EM Ward Field II
Large Shield Booster II

Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile
[Empty High slot]
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile
Rapid Light Missile Launcher II, Inferno Fury Light Missile

Medium Capacitor Control Circuit II
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I
Medium Capacitor Control Circuit I

Federation Navy Hammerhead x2
Hammerhead II x2
Caldari Navy Vespa x2

Zainou ‘Gypsy’ CPU Management EE-601

Agency ‘Hardshell’ TB5 Dose II

Inferno Fury Light Missile x1200
Nanite Repair Paste x100
Standard Blue Pill Booster x1

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your fit’s fine , kite them , use navy ammo it doesn’t have the range penalty of fury . some missile hardwires will give more range so you can hit them while staying out of neut range …


Those are some good suggestions. Ya i’m starting to think of a few ways I could probably survive while still keeping average site times below 10 min. Even something as simple as swapping 1 shield extender for a cap battery could buy me enough time, as long as the hp regen is still good enough.

I use a similar fit to do t4-5 currently activity tracker has me near 200 sites no death.The fit isn’t wrong it’s you’re choice on how to fight the spawn

Maybe but there isn’t really any in the moment choices to make for this mob with this current fit. With this fit you will have 1 cycle before your cap is dry, then you have to spam invulns constantly and pray. Obviously you want to send your drones to work right away and burn away with your 1 cycle. Then however your going about ~250 which doesn’t allow you any potential for anything, try in vain to get transversal speed it wont matter and they will keep you at range easily. You will never get in range with t2 ammo, faction ammo might work tho, unless you get a very lucky spawn distance. So it’s entirely up to your drones to drop enough fast enough to survive, there really isn’t anything meaningful for the player to do.

If you have some strategy tho feel free to let me know, I would love to learn. I already tried burning into range of guns too but thats an even worse idea than creating distance and transversal speed to mitigate damage.

Wait wait wait wait.

I * swear * I saw patch notes last year that said they were removing all e-war / neuting from all battleships in Abyss space; changing them to pure damage dealers. (I still refuse to run abyss sites once I hit 4 starving leshaks in a level 3 - reward was disgustingly below the risk.) Or maybe it was just Leshaks that were supposed to be altered.

I can’t find those patch notes now. Can anyone help me find what I may have seen and now be mis-remembering?

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