Spawned 10km from 13 Leshak Battleships - an EVE misadventure

I’ve been running some T5 abyssal for the past few days. I’ve run across the unusual site containing the Triglavian Semiosis Data Vault about 3 times now. The first time was a narrow victory, my Gila limping out with 80% heat on every module. The second was a massive loss, 2.5bil blown away by some poor piloting. The third though was a little unusual.

Now, normally you spawn 120KM away from the massive fleet of Leshak battleships with an exit gate close enough that you can bail out of if you’re not up to the task. I got my first hint that something was up when some Leshak models started peaking into my screen before the jump animation was even complete. When I finally enter the site I find I’m surrounded by big red icons all at 10km from me and my escape at 90km away. I can’t burn away, I’ll get blown out of space as soon as those massive guns can start tracking me. I’m left with only one option, frantically dodge lasers and hope to space god I have enough firepower to kill the neuting ships before my tank fails.

What follows is one of the more heartpounding experiences I’ve had in EVE for a while which is best shown in the video linked below. I felt like this was extra worth sharing because I’m fairly certain you’re not supposed to spawn there.


Nice, gratz on being victorious.

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Gratz ^^
In fact it append quite a lot to spawn just near the Leshak :slight_smile:
Got this spawn 3 time on 6 runs.

did you really need the omni to run vs the leshak ?

Iv had this happen 2 times spawn on top of them lucky my spawns wasn’t as bad as yours with webbers but you done the right tactics trying to orbit them to mitigate their damage. Their is an all starving leshak one or at least 8+. lucky i had that ranged but if that is possible to get at close then i doubt even the best setup would make the gate before ccp deathspawn grind you to dust.

Thing i hate about these though is they always come at a time you least expect it or not ready for it and like arrrr drop the coffee on table hands on time.

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I’m actually kinda glad to know this is a thing that happens often. This spawn is much easier to deal with
than burning towards them, just way scarier.

did you really need the omni to run vs the leshak ?

Do you mean the omni tracking? Now that you mention it I probably didn’t… could’ve saved myself some cap.

Their is an all starving leshak one or at least 8+.

… 8+ Starving Leshak? I think that would absolutely ruin my fit no matter how I spawned. Though to be fair I haven’t tried kiting at my max range. Not sure how hard they apply at 72km. What are you running to be able to manage that?

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They apply very well at 70km lol. I did not manage it well either or kill them I ran to the gate screaming like a girl and left the can.

As it was at range and I was 30km from gate you can run but if theirs a situation where you spawn at 0 your dead in that situation. I run thermal filaments to so these are quite intense to say the least.

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starving leshak attributes
	damage (3) 6551.0
	mass (4) 6.3E7
	hp (9) 10000.0
	charge (18) 0.0
	maxVelocity (37) 400.0
	capacity (38) 933.0
	speed (51) 5000.0
	maxRange (54) 63000.0
	rechargeRate (55) 750000.0
	damageMultiplier (64) 0.8
	agility (70) 0.11
	maxTargetRange (76) 108000.0
	armorDamageAmount (84) 225.0
	energyNeutralizerAmount (97) 600.0
	kineticDamageResonance (109) 0.67
	thermalDamageResonance (110) 0.67
	explosiveDamageResonance (111) 0.67
	emDamageResonance (113) 0.67
	emDamage (114) 0.0
	explosiveDamage (116) 238.0
	kineticDamage (117) 0.0
	thermalDamage (118) 378.0
	falloff (158) 0.0
	trackingSpeed (160) 7.0
	volume (161) 495000.0
	radius (162) 400.0
	maxLockedTargets (192) 7.0
	scanRadarStrength (208) 33.0
	scanLadarStrength (209) 0.0
	scanMagnetometricStrength (210) 0.0
	scanGravimetricStrength (211) 0.0
	gfxTurretID (245) 47922.0
	gfxBoosterID (246) 397.0
	shieldCapacity (263) 5000.0
	shieldCharge (264) 0.0
	armorHP (265) 13000.0
	armorDamage (266) 13000.0
	armorEmDamageResonance (267) 0.4
	armorExplosiveDamageResonance (268) 0.64
	armorKineticDamageResonance (269) 0.47
	armorThermalDamageResonance (270) 0.52
	shieldEmDamageResonance (271) 1.0
	shieldExplosiveDamageResonance (272) 0.5
	shieldKineticDamageResonance (273) 0.6
	shieldThermalDamageResonance (274) 0.8
	entityKillBounty (481) 0.0
	capacitorCapacity (482) 8250.0
	shieldUniformity (484) 1.0
	armorUniformity (524) 1.0
	structureUniformity (525) 1.0
	signatureRadius (552) 370.0
	entityFactionLoss (562) 0.0
	scanResolution (564) 125.0
	optimalSigRadius (620) 40000.0
	behaviorRemoteArmorRepairDuration (2491) 6000.0
	behaviorRemoteArmorRepairRange (2492) 33000.0
	behaviorRemoteArmorRepairFalloff (2493) 28000.0
	behaviorRemoteArmorRepairDischarge (2494) 136.875
	behaviorEnergyNeutralizerDuration (2519) 24000.0
	behaviorEnergyNeutralizerRange (2520) 30000.0
	behaviorEnergyNeutralizerFalloff (2521) 20000.0
	behaviorEnergyNeutralizerDischarge (2522) 185.0
	damageMultiplierBonusPerCycle (2733) 0.02
	damageMultiplierBonusMax (2734) 1.5

tracking is 7.
with a 700 m/s , 152m sig gila, it’s 700/70000 /152*40000 = 2.6 evasion. They deal like 85% DPS. they are fine. Also that’s when you are max speed and perfectly aligned to orbit all of them at once(which is not actually possible)

HOWEVER their max range is 63km so you actually take 0 damage from them.

Hi. I haven’t run T5s before but plan to in the somewhat near future. Is this semiosis some sort of unique thing that works differently from all other abyssals in that the spawn is harder, the loot is better, but you dont have to kill everything if you want to just get out?

It’s a room that spawns on rare occasion after you activate a T5 filament. They’re a lot tougher than the normal rooms, being that they’re full of Battleships that’ll rip through just about any tank you can throw at 'em. They contain about as much loot as an entire regular abyssal run all in one room, as well as some special stuff that currently only has lore related uses but will probably factor into some Triglavian tech later on.

You can just leave, even if your ship blows up you can still exit with your pod. If you decide to run the site though, you will probably have to kill all of them. Speed tanking under their guns is just about the only way to survive and it’s very easy for them to apply full DPS when you’re half way to the gate and blow you up.

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