Leshak op in tier 1 filament

i just got rekt by leshak bs in tier 1 filament. i couldnt reach him even with an afterburner
zigzaging doesnt do ■■■■ as that triglavian weapon has no tracking so i was getting hit all the time at all angles, as long as i was in optimal range i was getting melted
i can mitigate damage received against drifters battleships but this ■■■■■■■ leshak is something different

dafuq is this ■■■■

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Unfortunately you haven’t logged into zkillboard, so we can’t see your loss in order to laugh offer advice.

What were you running the site in?


Pretty much what Scipio indicated. We’d need to know what ship, fit, filament and rough skillset to offer any suggestions. Chances are the Leshak exploited a weakness in either your thermal or explosive armor resistance (perhaps due to the filament type). The Leshak deals up to 400 DPS, so you’d have to contend with that in addition to the damage from any other NPCs.

i lost 50m worth ship (omen with t2 fit)

Omen is not really the best ship for anything that require a little tank, and fitting for tank would severely gimp its dps potential. Try using the Maller next time?

I haven’t met any Abyssal BSs myself yet but from the Drifter/Sleeper ones I’ve had the pleasure to meet a couple of times they seem to be keeping at around 15-20km range, which is just outside of webbing range (unless you use (overheated) faction webs)

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The tracking on Leshaks is very high, and they deal heavy DPS that ramps up over time so don’t expect to tank them. Their weakness is that they spawn with very low hp (often just a sliver of hull), though they have active tanks and in rare instances can spawn alongside logistics ships that will rep them up.

The strategy to beat them is to get in range as quickly as possible and dps them down before they can kill you. It’s a straight slugfest, and the quicker you can start dealing damage the better your chances are of winning. This pretty much necessitates a 50mn microwarpdrive.

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If you have the right resist profile (thermal, explosive) tanking the Leshaks is fairly easy. This is especially true if you’re AB fit and have a low signature bloom. With these criteria, a little speed and maneuvering goes a long way to throwing off their tracking. And if you’re able to get under their guns and orbit at close range - there’s really nothing they can do.

The right filament is also key - I can’t stress this enough. I don’t like Firestorm or Gamma because it forces you to chew through an additional 50% of shields or armor. This isn’t so bad with the Drifters or Triglavians - but the Rogue Drone battleships are an absolute b*tch to take down in those filaments.

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You have to match the ship, its natural resist to the instance penalty if there is one, or go high thermal / explosive (with the thermal as primary). Likewise with weapons and ammo.

You also need apropriate tank rep that can rep DPS spikes.

You can also overheat your AB for a couple cycles to close in faster.

just for thought, as you go up in tiers, you will have spawns of 3, 5 or 8 of these, and we do kill them, though often times not reliably.

These are more advanced instances, you will need to run more advanced ships and fits for them, even Tier 1 sites will eat you up when you make mistakes. On top of that you need to understand and instantly react to the available mechanics.

You need to have either all skills at lvl 4/5 + minimum T2 fit on a T1 hull, or a T2 hull with some T1/T2 modules. Know how to use them, when and how and for how long to overheat, when and how and for how long to web, how not to get neuted out of your cap by multiple neuting ships, how to tank consistant and spike DPS, how to speed tank, target priorities within spawn groups, how to use support structures and clouds.

Then you need to know when in the instance you can use nanopaste so you don’t mess yourself up on a timer, or switch ammo types either for damage types or precision vs range vs DPS burst, etc. When its OK to use a missle or drone boat and when not ok. When to fit extra tracking or webs and go lower DPS, etc.

All this stuff and them some matters for these. And my personal thought, try not to zig zag, go spiral instead so you don’t drop your transversal and speed on the turns.

Check out some of the otehr threads about it and see the fits, you can just take the stuff people run for tier 3+ and scale it down so its less expensive and has less skill requirements for tier 1 sites, alternately you can also suppliment with implants / boosters if you lack in some skills, but that gets expensive.


I dont understand. Last time i fought a leshak, he was maybe 400m/s. My ship is 700 with t2 10mn ab so i did fine. How slow do you have to be to be unable to catch a battleship? You should be atleast 600 m/s minimum, optimally 800.

I’ts because he was zigzagging loosing all that speed.

so what is the ultimately best way to approach and kill leshak in a t1 ship with AFTERBURNER ?

how much therm/exp armor resistance do i need to sustain my armor repair capability ?

what else should i know about leshak ? cuz i swear to god its the only NPC there i have a problem with
and how exactly does tracking working for triglavian weapons on npcs ?? it seams like a steady dmg income no matter what angle i try to fly to it

Don’t use an afterburner. I use a passive Gila with MWD. With a drone link augmentor you can start applying damage from the outset.

Out range them at 65km’s with drones or missiles don’t use gun ship’s, you can’t get under their guns (if there is more than 1) they track like frigate’s.

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holy ■■■■ i just lost maller to vedmak (cruiser) this is so ridiculous

cant outdps with t2 guns and t2 ammo and factional drones
cant escape with mwd - was at 20+ km when he blew me up
cant tank with t2 items even the triglav cruiser

this ■■■■ is out of control somebody do something about it quickly

While it is not just you who explodes, there are many who do not explode.
It is working as intended. You are not supposed to win too easily, like you are used to.


65km? This is the tidbit I’ve been searching out the ass for. I was trying my first few tier 3s today and one of them threw a 3-BS spawn at me. Killed two but they broke my passive tank. I wasn’t sure if I should get out farther (they were already hitting me from 50km where they started), charge them (what I ultimately decided to do), or fly perpendicular (which I did at the end out of desperation just to see if it would help - it didn’t). Only loss in abyss so far.

So basically, for 3 and above, we need to have a solid tank that can outlast that Ex/Thrm damage, and always rush them for the fastest kill possible. Sucks to lose something expensive to learn it, but eh :confused:. Now I know, lol. Thanks!

Apparently you can fit 2 drone range high’s and go out and in the barrier constantly while going around the arena to skim their range while killing them with drones.

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I’ve been looking for their range too, thank you! I will definitely try this strategy. I’ve been running level 1’s in a Vexor since I lost my VNI to the first level 2 I ran… two Leshaks in the first room with support! Brutal.

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