Leshaks op with 6 guardians

so i was just wondering here but we had an interesting run in in low sec with a 5 guardian 3 leshak structure bashing fleet. jesus are these leshaks opop they remote repair each other but have the power of five guardians behind them, my question though is besides having to run massive amounts of jams how do you fight this. any thoughts on whether this should be nerfed or maybe trig ships shouldnt be able to be repped by non trig ships?

8 capitals
A single super?
If you wanted a poor option maybe 50 corms shooting from 80km, you could probably pick off the guardians first

Try looking at the drakuvac, with its 3.5 x passive drake regen values at perfect skills.

Its way more op with near 3k hps.

i shall look into this ty

Why nerf them? Ether you’ve never used one, or have no idea about them, and just making a knee jerk reaction.

All you need to do are one of the following;

Get out of/or reduced turret optimal range = reset turret amp to base.

Get of target lock = reset turret amp to base and have to be targeted again.

EWAR the ship to low CAP = like most turrets and ship module, having low/no CAP stops modules from working.

All basic stuff used for years on most ships, only difference is Disintegrates increase in damage per cycle on target.
But they less all falloff range capacity, so most other turrets should be able to out range them.

So what some think is OP has a massive negative to it also.

Read up on these ships and how the turrets work, and maybe you might get how they work and how to counter them.

Anyone who uses this factions ships should by now know their limits and how best to use them.

And like any other mix of ships in a fleet you need to have a plan and expect the unexpected, as you never know what fits are used or how good the player/s are.

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care to eve mail me a setup?


I’m sorry. Maybe I’m missing something. Is he saying that a ship guarded by six guardians is OP?

pretty much saying the fact that it gets bonus to remote reps plus has five guards makes it unkillable even though you hit them with ewar

That’s quite the investment and it also needs more than one person to pull it off. If there was an actual issue we might find out eventually. Considering the expenses required for this, I doubt there is one.


same number of full neut fit bhaal, job done.

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Sounds like a good opportunity for a lock-breaker bomb.
After that you need some DPS to follow up and make use of the seconds the Guardians need to lock everything back up.

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Sounds like a fun setup to annoy the hell out of with a couple of tracking disruption(range) or sensor dampening ships.

To kill any setup with 6 guardians you will have to deal with logis 1st anyway.

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How much EHP does such a guardian usually have?

Im pretty sure 200 leshaks with 100 gaurdians would beat them easily.

Why not 300 titans?

I got you beat. 100000 Titans.

And a super-triglavian titan.

A single Cockroach can murder them easy mode. :wink:

Unless he’s sitting there afk, with no mods. :smiley:

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