Triglavian ships and the AT

These things are horribly broken in terms of Dps for this sort of arena. But aside arguments of ‘no one will have t2 guns and skills to 5’ skill injectors exist amd they will be used.

Either ban the leshak from flag ship status, or nerf the ship between now and release.

The ship will be op on tranquility as it is. Structure bashing will be of little issue to spider tanked versions of this ship.

Bonused unscripted damps don’t reduce the range enough to counter. The 33 point sensor strength pre links/sebo makes it unlikely to jam. (Rng always a factor of course)

Even screen afs only keep it at bay while the team gotta stay at least 75 km away from the leshak.

There is no usuable counter to this ship without banning it…but guess what flag leshak.

Make thes ships at least considered a pirate faction as far as points are concerned.

T3c last year were banned from being logi ships because the t3c patch had recently been done and they were seen as formidiable unbreakable logi ships. (Likely the reason they were banned from logi position this year as well)

This ship is op and broken with no counters besides burning outside its range.

If you disagree, or feel you know a counter to these things please discuss.

@CCP_Fozzie tagging you for insight. Please look again at these ships in the AT playstyle. As they stand they will become the new meta in this tournament. It seemed you werw doing good at breaking previous metas. (I.e. drone comp nerf, bc increase makes octadad impossible, allowimg adcu changes playstyle, etc etc) but the leshak is horribly broken in its current form.

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FIT td and GTFO with your unimaginative ■■■■■■■■


So you go do the pyfa math and see just how many tracking disruptors it takes to prevent the leshak from hitting a mwd bc at 70 km. Even better web a cruiser hull. Just wen no scram.

I wouldn’t be making this post if I couldn’t find a solid counter to it.

The disentigrator doesn’t need to hit to have the dps ramped up. Just needs to cycle. So continue cycling on something till hard tackle is made.

Wow, that is somewhat scary. Fortunately the teams will have 3 bans and special rule in series to not use the winning setup. As for flagship, I think It can stay, the tackle will have to die fast tho.

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See I said you’re unimaginative now put that td on range script and factor in having 2 brain cells to rub between your entire team.
Even better put2 td and tell me what the range is it should be like19-20km?

Not even coming out of something like a curse that’s 50% off the top of my head with heat curse is 60% no?

The team facing a leshak can dump 2 tds on some scrappy ship and there goes your range bhaalgorn is still better overall because WEBS andSTRONG NEUTS yet it still sucks because people can outfly it

If you break the spool up as I posted above leshak becomes a funny paperweight

I have participated in 3 AT in my past won 2 with the teams I was in I tell you no top team will worry about the leshak they worry about the crappy rules this year


Youve competed in 3 it’s but your telling us to script the TD…

Scripts not being allowed is something that skiped my mind,regardless the ship can be controlled either through ewar td/jam+damp combo or screening,unless it got extra fitting last I looked at it on sisi it was short on pwg.

Why ban scripts anyway?

CCP wants people to use triglavian ships more, to show how powerful they are in PvP, to make demand for them and make people run those new hard sites.



Cause there were a time when everyone field 2 keres 2 celestis and all the match is about damp war.

I got to “spider-tanked” and stopped reading. Go read the rules please.


Yep. No tin foil hat needed there.

Then if deemed (or actually op) in the tournament they will be nerfed after.

IGC Alliance Tournament
Please confirm that:
Triglavian ships are allowed and are considered to be tech one for point values

Leshak 19 points
Vedmak 4 points
Damavik 2 points

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I hear they do explosive and thermal damage only. Now what I could do with that… hmmm…

Yes, that is correct RICOrus.

To quote the rules dev-blog -

“Triglavian ships are allowed and are considered to be tech one for point values”

Surprise, surprise! :joy:

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This, and this post shows how people know it is strong but just trying to pretend it is not, and maximize their own advantages.

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Faction ships are T1.

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