Abyss base

I was running T5 Firestorm Abysses, and suddenly get this:
wave with 12 Leshaks spawned in 130 km. It was first and only pocket it the abyss.

Also it was some kind of abyss base in the pocket.
It wasn’t easy, but I survived. Loot:

So, some questions:

  1. Is it normal behavior of the abyss key now to send me randomly to the normal abyss or to this base pocket?
  2. Is it necessary to kill everybody in the pocket like in normal abysses?
  3. Is this loot worth anything? What can I do with it instead of trashing? Trivary Datastreams was before, but it was just useless pieces of lore. Semiosis Conduction is new, and abscent both on market and on contracts.
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I ran into this today too, and died trying to clear the entire site. To answer your questions.

Yes, this is a new site related to the upcoming T2 trig ships.

No, it isn’t, what I do is bring an MTU and just deploy it near the gate then blow the loot up from 60km away

Right now, no, but I suspect it will be used for making T2 ships.

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Looks like CCP has interesting opinion on this word meaning :joy:

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It’s probably for the upcoming Event.

Seems CCP has stopped putting the stuff on the test server first due to players figuring everything out and posting guides about it before the content is even implemented.

Which strikes me as entirely fair.

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The problem is not that new content was implemented on Tranq before SiSi. Problem is it even wasn’t mentioned in any patchnotes. So, nothing will lower your surprise.

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This looks cool! I’m a collector of Abyssal items, I’ll buy the “Semiosis Conduction” stuff for 25 mil. You can set up a private contract in Jita under my name.


Current buy offer on ‘reddit’ for those communications items are well over that amount of ISK.
Source: https://old.reddit.com/r/Eve/comments/b4vdgb/bounty_for_new_triglavian_communication_items_100/

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Perhaps that ‘surprise’ is the point - or do you require a detailed walk-through of everything you do before you act ?

Abyss was all about surprising and figuring out from the very beginning. If the gate is open straight away, you really do not need to kill anything in that pocket - just take the gate if you are not curios :wink:

Those new Item’s will probably be needed for the new ship’s I’d keep them :wink:

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Getting updated intel beforehand is the right thing to do, military forces do it all the time. Definitely don’t want to go into a hostile situation totally blind.

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