No reimbursed after server issue last week

Last week i lost 6B, in abyss, after the server issue on tranquility, and the “great” support just give the hull, no modules nothing for my asklepian set.
Server was 4h down and the GM told me that he doesnt can give me modules back that other player loot (in abyss space). And he accommodate that he only reimbursed the ship, with no modules.
My last reimbursed in abyss space where i lost my ships to a bug, support give me my ship back (with modules)
something change or its just the GM? Last i have another GM

And thats rly a bad support here from CCP


Yeah, that’s not a cool reply by who ever gave you this one.

For Abyss space there should never be reimbursement for disconnects for whatever reason.

Stop whining. It’s a game
Stop being entitled. It’s a game
HTFU. It’s a game

Sorry, but OP has a legitimate grief. This was clearly an issue on CCP’s part that led to the loss of ship, modules and implants. They routinely reimburse null-sec players for far less. It’s not like this was a 15-minute outage. The servers were down for almost 4 hours.


Nah dude…

This was at no fault of the OP. If he lost the ship because he lost connection with no server issues I would say HTFU. If the service went down that is a different issue at no fault of the op. It is also known fact that if the service goes down you don’t’ really lose your ship either in AB space. It just stops the timers and it warps you back into normal space when you log on again, but the way the services just froze keeping the timers running and having you not been able to do anything caused every single person in AB space to loose their ships.

Hell I undocked to engage war targets. I kept checking ZKILL for a loss because I thought the issue was on my side. When I able to log in again I was no where near the station entrance. Could not even see the station anymore.

It was actually a big lol when we saw the kills on ZKILL rising for AB space.



guess you write this GM
server problems is not your fault so you should get everything back
i think you and all the others would need to get there stuff back …


Ranting isn’t permitted on the EVE Online forums.

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