CSM - be useful and put pressure on CCP regarding ship reimbursement

Stop screwing us over ship reimbursement.

Unfortunately, this loss is not eligible for reimbursement according to our reimbursement policy.).

Everything is based on THEIR logs yet I have collected evidence to show them that their logs are incomplete and still have not been reimbursed. How can you have such as important piece of the game be dictated by, incomplete logs where hey are judge and jury. They are screwing us everytime a loss occurs through non-pilot error.

Be useful, at one point reimbursement seemed more 6 out 10 non-pilot issues be reimbursed, now 10/10 regardless never are. It takes the absolute biscuit especially when running abyssals where its lose everything scenario - their logs do not show issues.

Theyve never reimbursed during abyssals.