Quit eve today

Before I start, I dont care if you care and no you cant have my stuff.

I’m quitting because I keep DCing and losing ships in abyssal sites. I know, “Hey its your fault not CCP why blame them?” well, for me, disconnecting shouldn’t be a big issue in a solo environment just log in and keep going but instead they decided to add a barrier that kills you for leaving and whenever I DC my micro warp drive is on going toward the wall (it’s turned on because I’m sprinting for loot). So, I don’t really know what else to say, its not CCP’s fault my internet went out for its their fault for punishing you so hard in a single player environment. The only saving grace is I didn’t spend a single penny on the game and plexed the whole time. Overall I would say the game is good, the only big problem for me is that they punish you so hard for this.

In case you’re wondering, yes I did lose a ship in a abyssal site before posting this because of their DC which was the final straw for me.



you knew you had connection issues. You chose to lose your ship.
Now you choose to leave the game because of your poor decision. That’s consistent.


Wrong, I have dc’d twice, only twice. If I dc’d every 10 minutes then I would agree. I came back to playing this game after about a 4 or 5 year break. So far I have only DCd 2 times both which were in abyssal sites and died because I flew off into the wall. I think its ridiculous the wall exists and if you DC your ship should just stop instead of flying off to its death.

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If you disconnect it’s 99% your connection , so if you want a game to pause , play a offline game … otherwise grow up and accept that you chooses to play with an unstable connection

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sorry it’s not. I got several d/c when only one of my toons gets d/c . I was not in abyss though. Typically that happens after a high enough number of jumps, when I scan HS systems. But that does not mean it won’t happen in different occasions.

As much as I would like to describe OP as a whinner, I actually can relate that d/c are something that increased recently - from the server/client side.


Again, I don’t think reading is the strong suit of eve players I guess. Its only happened 2 times since I came back. I would consider my connection to be quite stable. If I disconnected in a station I wouldn’t be making this thread but since I died in a poorly designed instance I made it. I don’t think eve is a bad game so I’m not going to bash it or trash talk saying “eve is dying” or whatever trigger phrases most people say. The game is actually good for the most part. This part was poorly designed. I don’t expect die hard eve fans to agree with me or support my ideas, I just wanted to give my feedback.

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Also known in EvE as El Dorado, Shangri La, or the The Kingdom of Prester John.

–Explorer Gadget

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Can I have your stuff? :wink: :smiling_imp:

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How much isk value were the ships?Speaking of disconnects I was plagued by 1-2 DC daily sometimes at worst moments possible.Anyway it was my router had it changed now no more DC for over a month.I haven’t went into abyss because of these but now when I get some time to relax will try it.
My point is check on your end you never know

Just had socket closure now in Abyss too, but I managed to log back into that tier 2 site. Whew.


Even if u think it’s not your connection , it’s still 99% is… it needs only a micro disconnect and your client diesconnects sometimes …
You are mad that your Prop. Mod is still active while you disconnect but on the other hand if your tank would turn of you would be mad aswell ,so live with it.

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Why is it their fault.

You know how abyssal space works.

Its not like this was a surprise.

Its not like CCP activates the Abyssal Shard automatically when you undock, forcing you to participate.

We all know how abyssal space works. Its a risk. If your internet sucks and you dc, its not CCPs fault, anymore than you can say that PVP is poorly designed because if you DC and you are warp scrambled, you just sit there like an idiot and die.

If I DC in starcraft 2, i lose. This isnt poor design, and im not going to get angry at blizzard for making a game that doesnt automatically play the game for me when i disconnect.

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Typical Eve response pattern detected…


Well take all the fun out of posts like this why don’t you. Big meanie. :sadparrot:


I can offer you a mining barge and a place to come and rebuild yourself if you need a break to just watch the lasers cut through Rock I’m sorry that happened to you next time use two-step authentication that is your best friend


Did you try petitioning for your stuff back? CCP is almost always gracious with connectivity issues. I find the game to be as buggy as I remember but it’s also improved so much graphically and some of the new UI is really high quality. I can get behind being pissed off, happens to the best of us.

Ah well if you’re really gone, then take care o7

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I sent them a ticket but no reply. I would imagine I won’t get it back and even if I do what happens if I disconnect again? Surely it won’t be the last time and I bought the ship so I could do abyssal sites not just park it in station to collect dust.

@Jennifer_Austin I appreciate the kind gesture but I have 2 alt accounts who mine and to be honest I was taking a break from them to do abyssal sites.

Rule 1: don’t undock in anything you aren’t prepared to loose.

Notice there are no conditions on that. No “except for abyssal” or “unless it’s a random DC”. If loosing 2 ships to abyssal makes you mad enough to quit. Regardless of why you lost them. Then you shouldn’t gave undocked them in the first place.