Quit eve today

Yup, classic toxic eve player response. Didn’t expect anything less.

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How is it toxic? It’s basic advice and common sense that has proven itself true for the past 15 years.

You where not prepared to loose the ships. You undocked anyways. You lost the ships. And now you are rage quitting over it. Classic newbie attitude.

Either take it as a lesson, learn from it, move on and continue enjoying the game. Or leave, the choice is entirely yours.

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Patience young Padawan.

I think @Ima_Wreckyou would classify OP’s mindset as defeatist attitude. :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Simple, don’t run Abyssal sites. I haven’t run a single one; there’s other stuff to do in game.


not when it comes to abyssal sites… i read they are pretty strict on not giving stuff back.

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I’ve read that as well, abysals are “at your own risk” so reimbursements are quite rare. although I have heard of a few, especially if its your first ever reimbursement request and given the circumstances you might get a generous GM to reimburse one of them. but its still unlikely.

Yokubou, you went from “I keep disconnecting” to “got disconnected twice”. You are going to suffer in the responses for that switch. That said, yeah, it sounds pretty crappy. I get disconnected sometimes and I don’t know why…regardless no one should ever suffer in a game for being offline period. It should be fixed but it probably won’t be. But, Eve is big enough for doing other activities that are more forgiving so while I can see this a good reason to be annoyed, I don’t see it as a good reason for quitting.

Because it does not fairly apply to this situation so it feels like back-biting. Your advice fairly applies to losing ships to non-exploit in-game occurrences only, and that is not what a disconnect is. That said 1) I don’t do abyssal sites and 2) I never lost a thing to a disconnect so I rate CCP 4 out of 5 stars on this issue.

Have fun trying to find a real time game that doesn’t punish you for disconnecting.

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I got socket closure yesterday while on character screen. Heh. Dont know why, both in abyss and in character screen was without any internet conection interruption. :thinking:

Cya bud

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Its not your fault… EVE’s netcode is terrible I experimented even with a datacenter class 1 gigabit connection and even then disconnects occur, you can QoS the ■■■■ out of it and still disconnects sometimes. A single retransmit packet is enough to drop you from the game at times.

And the strange thing is that I don’t have this kind of problems with any other game EVER…

ps: network engineer btw
pps: for some reason I don’t know yet the WINE emulated versions of the client (MAC/Linux) are much more stable statiscally speaking connection wise.


Good move Bro :slight_smile:

Abysal space and the disconnect risk are as close as CCP can come now days to implementing in game gambling; unfortunately there are both winners and losers despite how well you play.

Sorry that happened to you. I also never DC during games except eve yet the GM told me it was my fault. Good to see CCP taking care of their customers.

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I like the part where OP said that he didn’t care if anyone cared, and then proceeded to respond to each person to defend his position.

That’s called politeness. You’ll learn that when you’ll get 10 years old.

You mean, punish you for playing for free?
How should they do it better?
Or are you expecting to be able to steal more?

I might be able to find you some extra long straw.

Aww, you’re adorable. :slight_smile: