Resubbed to not play I guess :(

I just resubbed and am now on day 4 of not being able to play. If I am lucky enough to log in, I get booted shortly and cannot even undock. Are they looking to help everyone win Eve?

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It’s a DDOS attack and CCP are doing what they can to try and stop it.

I could be wrong but I don’t recall seeing other games out of commission this long for attacks. Eve seems to be targeted often so you would think they would have some back-up plan for this or take legal action against those responsible as Blizzard has done in the past. I could be speaking out of my ass though cause I don’t know much about these kind of attacks and I am just frustrated as hell cause I have been looking forward to playing again.


You are wrong.

You are.

Have they attempted locating who is responsible and killing them? Decapitating the corpses and tarring the heads before placing them atop the entry to the headquarters building? If not…they aren’t doing everything.

I’ve been considering a resub. Considering it strongly. I recall the old days and previous ddos attacks. Super bad timing on my part to take a renewed interest, I suppose. I blame The Expanse season 4. Binged it. Read the books. The need for space consumed me. Right in time for this nonsense. When has a ddos attack solved anything?

Yay we have a CCP Cheerleader in the house!!


Same here just resubbed yesterday and still can’t play. This wouldn’t be the first time a game has stolen money from me, I’ve gotten used it.

Oops nvm, it doesn’t resub until tommorow, just canceled my omega status, you bastards won’t be seeing anymore of my money, good riddance!

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Nah, just someone with functional brain cells.

Maybe don’t open up admitting that you don’t know what you’re talking only to proceed and give a mistaken opinion about something you’ve already admitted that you don’t know anything about.

I have had this issue for 5 days and I just resubbed and it apparently started before that. Blizzard and other gaming companies have not been knocked out like this for this long. Since you know so much, show me that they have. Eve has had this issue many times so at some point one would think that they would have something in place to combat it and legally go after the people initiating it.

2 day attacked and person arrested 2 weeks later. Google Eve DDOS and you see so many different months and years. You’re just a cheer leader, you can go back to station spinning in Estoria.

Agreed. They need to prosecute these scumbags

I too have been considering resubbing after not playing for years. I too, was also swayed by the Expanse. I binged seasons 1-4 and now I must resub to Eve!

I really do hope these issues resolve soon. I’m scared to resub and not be able to play. I’ve heard some pretty distressing rumors on reddit concerning the connection/lag issues in NA. I just hope they’re rumors and nothing more! Looking forward to getting back into Eve Online.

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I am on day 6 of not being able to log in or once I get in not being able to do anything. Other people are day 7 or 8. If I make it into the game, I get DC’d at undock or just trying to bring up the fitting window or character skills window.

It is affecting their logins for things like Eve SSO as well as those take a long time to get logged in. This is just super frustrating and CCP isn’t being very vocal about what they plan to do to fix it or reimburse those not being able to play. I am sure our little CCP cheerleader will return to tell us how diligently they are working and how stupid I am but the matter remains that it has been going on for over a week and it is hit or miss for a good portion of Eve. I paid my sub but cannot play, guess I should have left it alpha can continued to play that way and put my money into another game.

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lol if you look at his history either hes an employees fake account or major fanboy who spends all day defending devs. either way reality doesnt change. lol hes one of 278 “advanced tutorial completion badges” on the entire forum. who tf completes a forums advanced tutorial on how to interact with users.

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Still problems, getting DC’d
Chat server constantly reconnecting, easier to fly to anomaly to find out who’s in Local now (Eden blackout like Null last year?)
I am on a single fixed IP & run better BotNet, DDOS, Port scanning & Anti-hack services than CCP, are they at the new C&W or Worldcom NOC centers?
Get your upstream providers to access your user IP’s, block everything else, until user authenticated at another location (for a set period OFC)
CCP cack about with the launcher for advertising, how about using it for something useful? Launcher selects random out of cluster auth server, ip is passed to allow through to cluster. This is 2020 isn’t it?

To put my money where my mouth is, use the links to json or csv on this page to bar the worst offenders. Get my fav game up & running (list can be downloaded into Cisco IOS or other BGP routers) BotNet list aren’t public on my server,.

With regards Xander

Umm yeah, but that is probably because that attacker didn’t have a ■■■■■■■ clue what they was doing in the first place. I’m pretty sure if CCP knew who was doing it would end in the same way. But since they haven’t been able to stop who ever is doing it, we can assume they don’t know who is doing it. So many stupid people on the internet :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

it wouldn’t make a difference if the packets are still routed, they will be dropped by what ever firewall but this still consumes bandwidth, no security software/hardware is going to prevent that from happening. Typical DDOS attack targets number of half open connections, preventing any new connections being made by not completing the connection. If you have protection for this the attacker can still overwhelm a networks bandwidth by flooding.

And re designing your entire authentication infrastructure is the sort of thing you can knock out in a week or so, obviously (along with testing & implementing)… it’s not like the launcher is the only place I can auth against CCPs services… maybe if they only had a single fixed IP to worry about it would make things significantly easier :expressionless:


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