Disconnect and follow-up

Good afternoon, forum residents and broad thinkers. I have a question and a proposal for its solution, but I cannot achieve the goal alone.
When the servers of our favorite game were attacked by hackers, we lost ships in agony. At those moments we hoped for the best.
When we lost our ships in PVE anomalies, the lost ships were reimbursed, after our first petition/appeal. But the opposite happened to me and it was not very pleasant, so I would like to talk about it.
At the moment, in my country, there are constant interruptions with the Internet, as there is a civil war.
The only thing that can distract me from worries at such a times is my favorite game. However, warping to an anomaly, or during the middle of a farming session, or even fighting a drifter, I may disconnect.
You always hope for the best, and you quickly try to re-enter the game to see the same screen.
However, I have noticed that Logi ships within the fleet tend to warp out safely, but the DPS ships usually get pointed and die; when the logi ships return to the battlefield, part of the fleet has already been lost. Why don’t my ships - that are not pointed, warp out?
I don’t want this to happen because a lot of my time is wasted with warping out and then returning to grid, and I still am only able to save part of the fleet…
I understand that this mechanic can also save ships, in certain situations, but I would like to be able to choose between whether my ships will leave grid or stay on-grid for at least 1-2 minutes - rather than having some ships warping out and some ships staying on-grid.
This will help me to quickly return to the game and continue. CCP has ceased to compensate these kind of ships losses, as if the players themselves deliberately rip out their power cable from the computer.
While the rest of the online gaming world is trying to reduce and prevent these issues from occurring, I’m starting to feel the effect of the issue in my favorite game!
Make some kind of timer or setting in the menu would be good for such cases - for 1-2 minutes, the ship will not be able to drift away from the farm, even if it’s not being held.

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