Logging off in a WH

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If I log off in a wormhole, would my ship disappear after a short while, or would it remain there until I wake up or get rekt??

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Just like anywhere in EVE, after your 30 second log off timer, your ship disappears since you are no longer logged into the game

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If you safe log, you’ll be removed from space at the end of the countdown. If you just close your client, your ship will emergency warp and be removed from space after about a minute. If you have a PVE or PVP timer, your ship will remain in space for up to 15 minutes (check the timer for an accurate time).

This video should explain it all.


Im not aware that they changed the mechanics for it … sooo.

I spent a while living purely in WH space, quite early in my eve career.
Whilst it was possible to log off at the corps POS you could also disconnect whilst sitting in open space (a planet/moon/worm hole exit/entrance etc).
The game then warps you randomly to a point in space, and after a short/small delay you disappear from the game.
When you log back in, you re-appear at the point you disappeared from & are automatically warped back to the point in space you started the log-out sequence.
You can they manually warp to where ever you need to be at from there.

I don’t know why I had the idea in my head that wormholes were somehow different to normal space, but thanks for taking the time to clarify this for me… o7

The difference between wh and normal space is that if u log off in wh space by the time you come back all the exits and entrances will have changed. So if u log off in a wh make sure you have a fit probe launcher or some other means of getting out of the hole you are in.


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