Change to safe logout?

I left the game roughly 9-12 months ago (estimate). I had about 4 alts in ‘safe logout’ in a wormhole. Now they are all sitting in stations. They were the only way I could keep tabs on where this wormhole would be at any given point in time, so now I can’t get back in.

What happened? Does anyone know?

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There is some undocumented maintainance that returns players logged out in space to a station after some period of time. The details of where (home station?) and after how long (maybe 6 months?) haven’t ever been publically confirmed as far as I am aware, but I have had it happen to me and heard it from others.

Perhaps a petition will give you more info, but it is a deliberate action by some maintaince script probably to clean up the database by docking undocked and inactive characters.

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Good info - thanks. Just wanted to make sure I wasn’t going crazy, or that some weird bug hadn’t occurred.

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