Salvage disappearing, but only in a certain system?

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on here, but a google isn’t helping me.

I’m working on a couple of the minmatar corporation standings and I regularly get sent to the Ammold system, but I’ve noticed that salvage seems to be despawning in this system. It’s only this system. I did a few tests last night; I had D-scan open and was constantly re-scanning out to maximum distance. I didn’t have an MTU out to make it easier to scan down where I was, I was in a Stabber FI and I didn’t see any combat probes so I’m reaonably certain no one was scanning me down.

Every time I came back to those sites, some of them were within 10 minutes of finishing a mission, there were either noticeably less wrecks than when I bookmarked it or none at all. As far as I understand it, those wrecks shouldn’t be disappearing within that time frame unless someone else was salvaging the wrecks, but that wouldn’t account for the sites that have about 50% of the wrecks that were there when I bookmarked it. I mean, why would you only salvage 1/2 of the wrecks at 3 different sites?

So, is there some despawning mechanic I’m missing here? It doesn’t happen in any other system regularly enough for me to actual test if I’m being scanned down while doing my missions.

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sounds like a bug. wrecks cannot be scanned down. But the wrecks should be there for 2 hours.

Okay, cheers :slight_smile:

I wasn’t sure if there was some mechanic where things would despawn in particularly busy systems or something. If they’re definitely meant to stay for 2 hours no matter what, then this has to be a bug.

I just re-tested it this morning; Did a mission with 2 pockets, was tapping D-Scan the entire time and the only gap between scans was the time it took me to ctrl+click on an enemy and I didn’t see a single probe in a 14 AU distance. I went back directly after handing in and one of the pockets was completely bare, the other had lost about 50% of the wrecks.

Yesterday and some of this morning had zero downtime. 1500 evetime is when they had DT I think for 8 minutes. If you were playing before and after that, that could have been the difference.

Ammold is a starter system (see: Rookie Griefing). I would suspect that these systems in general have overzealous cleanup code because of the sheer number of rookie cosmic anomalies there can be.

Edit: If you’re running the Level 4 Republic Fleet agent missions out of Emolgranlan with Vir Honn, but aren’t tied to Republic Fleet and really want that salvage, then Balginia can be a suitable alternative location as it has 2 Level 4 agents for the Brutor Tribe. Do note though you will have to deal with folks going suspect over your MTUs, and that it is a 0.8 system instead of 0.5 system. You’ll probably have to pick the lesser of evils you want to deal with.

I was wondering if that was the case, but I didn’t find anything about cleanup with my google searches.

Also edit because I missed yours: I wasn’t particularly fussed about this salvage in particular as there are a fair few missions not in Ammold and it’s level 3’s, but I wanted to figure out why it was happening so I didn’t end up hauling my slow-ass noctis half way across the map to end up in a series of systems where this happened :smiley:

If it isnt an actual mechanic, then my money is on a ninja salvager also paying attention to D-scan.

If it is someone scanning it down then it seems really weird what they’re doing. Like this morning for example - They would have scanned me down somehow within the 2 second gap when I happened to be clicking new targets between my own D-Scanning without me seeing their combat probes, but they then proceeded to only salvage one of the pockets fully while leaving the other one with half the wrecks intact.

They’re also not doing it in any of the neighbouring systems. Even if someone was doing it and say, jumping off before I arrived, how would they know I was on my way back? And why would they, salvaging doesn’t give you a combat timer I believe?

This is part of changes they made to rookie/career systems at the beginning of this quadrant. Before that, the wrecks would stay available for 2 hours like anywhere else. Now it is probably about 30 minutes (or 20?).

That would be one more reason for CCP to change the security agents so that they stop sending people in these systems… or allow MTUs as long as it is a fair distance from stations and stargates…

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