Holistic Ship Mastery, the GOLDEN GLOW of PROWESS, and you

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Would it be silly, to concider adding a ship bonus from having level five mastery for that particular ship?

I realize way to many numbers would change from something like drone damage/tracking, Turret range/tracking etc, for balance concerns this would be daft so that’s off the cards, but something like a small bonus to warp speed or or cargo space wouldn’t have that big an impact. …Or would it?

On the subject of ship mastery, should it not include the acctual ship skill? For example, something simple like the vexor, this requires the Gallente cruiser skill, getting it to level five is a good thing yet it is not in the mastery list.
Another example would be the tech two ships, they include the base skill plus the specialized one, neither are in the mastery tree but are vital to the “mastery” of the ship, for the Deimos, both Gallente cruiser and heavy assault cruisers should be included, and level five in both would be required for the level five golden glow of prowess.

Is that just crazy talk? Is this somthing you could enquire about to CCP?


PS If there is a reason why its not included, don’t keep it to yourself. I would genuinly like to know the rationale for the omission.

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Well, I think this is generally captured in the role bonuses that ships already get - to get level 5 mastery, you’re inherently,going to have to hit all the max bonuses for the ship type so arguably you are already getting bonuses from it. But I see the desire for something else. I will add it to my list.

Thanks Brisc. :+1:

Might just be me ofc, but it seems odd that you can have a ship at level five mastery yet have really poo ship skills.

Also on the topic of mastery and while we are here, might it not be beneficial if in the skill que, the unlocked icons that succeed the skill name and level also included any mastery level it would complete along side the ship equipment, ammunition & charges, skillbooks and blueprints that will open up once complete?

I put this post in here as a couple of years ago I sent a in game mail to fuzzy steve reguarding the info window for items, specificaly the ’required for’ tab, advocating how usefull if would be if it displayed all the things that particular item could make, or was a part of. We now have that, came in a while back now. So clearly the CSM can get good ■■■■ done, but if this is best suited to the suggestions section, do lt me know and I shall relocate post haste.

Just to clarify however, as mentioned in the original post, just some elucidation from CCP on why ship skills are not included would be fantastic. As there is a good chance of a solid reason after all. And if so I would very much like to know it.


How about creating a skin usable only by those who reached the level 5 mastery?
Since there are 4 empire factions, there could be 4 different skins applicable only to those ships you mastered.
Example: I have mastery 5 in Caldari assault frigate Hawk, so there could be a caldari skin that I could apply to my Hawk and possibly in the future to any other caldari ship I would master.

It would have no impact in the game but would make a difference in terms of visual impact, and I think if a player was willing to put all that effort in mastering a specific ship then he/she will highly appreciate if the ship somehow stands out from the crowd. Just my 2 cents


That is a relly good idea. And a skin would not impact stats at all but still feel like a reward.

Thats more like £20 dude, 2c, don’t sell yourself short. :+1:


Any way we can turn this into an official suggestion to CCP?
I’m sure there are way more important things to do to balance the game but I feel this could be z very easily applicable improvement.

Hopefully, :crossed_fingers: they will see this, can take CCP a few years to do things, so all we can do is suggest and see.

For the record, I propose a gold skin, with a massive silver V emblazoned port and starboard.

P S we can always add it to here --> Little things / Small QoL suggestions

I brought up the skin idea at the summit.

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and… don’t just leave us hangin’ :wink:

NDA. :slight_smile:

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So, having read the minutes from the summit.

“Another exploration of using holograms on ships was shown. CSM comments thatthis could be tiedto killmarks, masteries or something ship-specific.”

For masteries, this would be spiffing old bean.

Some type of holo effect for having level 5 mastery in a given ship that would not interfere with a more favoured ship skin would be ideal.

We get choice and prowess. Win win. :+1:

@Brisc_Rubal Thanks for bringing it up.


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