Ship Mastery skins free skins you can unlock as you level up your Mastery for a ship

the Skins don’t necessarily have to be great but as skin for mastering a ship so you could show it off to everybody proof you’ve mastered that ship you can only use the skin if you’ve mastered the ship and they cannot be traded

after all getting Level 5 Mastery on a ship it take three to two years I think there should be a reward for going through all that pain in a way of a skin

I think a better idea since mastery is just time/isk investment would be to make two types of scaling skins for ISK destroyed pve/pvp. Only last hits count and only destroyed modules and ship hull minus insurance add points. Sure you could go and blow up your own alts pimp gear repeatedly, but at least you’re not getting SP out of it like with mastery level.

PvP skins would be more aggressive pve skins would be shiny.

Participation Trophies are cancer.
Achievements are cancer.

Your reward is that you can fly what you want.
Always has been, always will be.
All you had to invest was time and ISK for the skillbook.

You’re asking for a reward for letting time pass by. There is no need for an additional reward for something you barely ever actually needed to do anything for.

The point in SKINs is to change the “paintjob” to something you like better than stock…why would you not want it to look good?

Not all ships are gunned ship. What about your logi, the drone boats, command ships, miners, haulers?

C’mon man, you cannot ask for that, CCP desperately need any cent to survive.

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