Bring Ship Skins to the play

I was thinking that would be great idea if ship skins could be more advantageous in the game.
If for example having X name skin you could prevent loot drop on your death and also you could make an extra loot gain on the win.

For example if you have a skin with 20% less loot drop and lets say 30% loot gain on the kill would be nice play.
so that would mean that if someone kill you without any skin would get 20% less loot what he would be getting normally.

What your thoughts about it???

sure, if such a skin does cost 10.000 PLEX and is only available for Corvettes.

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Skins are cosmetic only for a reason - folks don’t want play to win mechanics in the game. Adding different effects per skin while still having them sold directly would be an issue.


I do not like it.


Please no.

Ship skins are cosmetic, so you can pick the one of which you like the look the most, rather than pick the one ‘with the best bonuses’. After all, the purpose of a ship skin is to look good, not to perform better.

If you wish to boost the performance of your ship, you can invest in better modules, implants or boosters. Unlike the ship skins applied to your character, all of those items can be traded, sold and most importantly: lost in battle, which is what EVE is about. You can make your ship perform better, but you will need to risk something to do so.

With bonuses tied to ship skins you’re not risking anything for extra ship performance, and you also stop people from being able to picking a skin based on looks if other skins give better performances, which is bad on both accounts.

It’s a bad idea.


Thanks guys for your honest and constructive opinions…

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