Ship Mastery

Is it a good idea to master all the levels in the Mastery tab of the ship info panel?
Is that going to help my ship perfom better and will I get an edge over NPCs?
Does that mean I have to choose which ship I want to master so as to not have too much SP spent scattered all over the ship tree?
Do you have any advice to give on that?
Thank you.

its not necessary to get full mastery in a ship, depending on ship etc, you may not even have a full mastery on it… i’m only on mastery 4 for my raven and have been for years, anything i need mastery v, i don’t use on the raven.

mastery can be seen similar to the magic 14 skills… if you don’t have anything important to train, train a magic 14 skill or train for mastery. chances are if its not a ship you plan on staying in long, i wouldn’ worry about it, plus when you train in other ships, that will help mastery of other ships to go up, just cause they use the same or similar skills.


@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Thank you so much for the information.
I need to look up “magic 14 skills” now. Thanks for the tip.

magic 14 refers to the core skills needed to fly almost all ships… some take a while to train into 5, like most skills… so 3 and 4 tend to be a good place to be for most of the magic 14 and then just pick one and train up to 5 and take the time to train each one after you have them at 3 or 4…


@Geo_Eclipse_Oksaras Excellent. Thank you!

Also bear in mind that the Mastery is only a guide and an imperfect one at that. There are several ships where it’s badly out of date (particularly for any PvP use) and recommends, for example, Shield skills for what ought to be an armour ship.

Take with a pinch of salt and trust your own developing understanding of what a ship can do. This is a key ability of Eve, to fit your own ship and fly it properly using gained real skill rather than the in-game ‘skill points’. Assuming you don’t make the mistake of buying those skill points, by the time you are approaching Mastery 4 in a ship, you will have picked up enough in game experience to know which skills to maximise for your needs.


@Kumakatok Understood.
Many thanks o7

You can use evemon to track your skills.

What’s that? Got a link?


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@ANormalPie Thanks a bunch!

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