Ship Mastery Certifications Question

How accurate are the mastery requirements on those? Generally speaking, if you aren’t sure how to get better with your ship are the mastery certifications the way to go?

I’m stilling up to fly a hurricane for L3 missions, am not entirely sure the best route to go, so I just set my skill tree to follow the requirements of the mastery levels. Is that my best bet?

Oï !

Mastery certificates are a good guide to set up your skills for a specific ship. However, you shouldn’t follow them to the letter as they can give you very stupid skills to train for very little use. Also, please note that all certificates might not interest you for mission running.

IIRC, some Battlecruiser certificates with talk about Command Bursts, which you aren’t in interested in for missions, so no need to get those skills up.

What to train from those certificates is up to you after that. If you notice that you’re lacking some efficiency in an area (maybe your guns don’t shoot far enough ? Or your drones can’t get your rid of smaller ships fast enough ?) and then check the certificate that could interest you. It can help you with your skill plan :slight_smile:

And as said, don’t follow everything being said… you don’t really need that Ladar Sensor Compensation V if you’re not encountering ECM ships, and even that you could get way better skills up just during the time you’d need to get it to V.

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The certificates relate to “a level of competence” with a function - i.e. navigation - that involves several skills. They are not specific to any ship. So the skills for navigation level 3 will be the same for every ship that uses that certificate.

The certificates are PVP oriented. The tackling cert isn’t relevant to PVE. That said, level 3 mastery is a good foundation for any ship you intend to place in harms way and I recommend it for level 3 missions.

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The passive drake can use this to get more EHP/s. Yes, it’s not worth it. Still :stuck_out_tongue:

True ! :slight_smile:

And eh, we’re EVE Onlien players. Ten years of training for +5% to shield HP is what we crave for :wink:

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Train all of the basics to V. Whatever hull you want to train into, make sure you have the skills for T2 mods. Use the simulator in the fitting tool to check cap stability. Preferably set things up to be cap stable while running hardeners and reps. If you turn off the rep you will be cap stable using the prop mod for movement in the mission pocket.

Being cap stable is a nice plus, but not always needed. You won’t be running all your modules at all times, so your capacitor will still be able to recharge while you aren’t repairing, during warp for example, or when not running a prop mod.

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I think so too, my cap runs out after 9:30 right now if I run everything so I seem to be fine at the moment. I doubt I’ll need to run everything for a solid 10 minutes straight very often.

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I prefer the cap stable tank as it will keep the hull alive if I d/c. If I get logged out traveling to an acceleration gate, it’s no big deal.

Only ships i have Stable are indy ships.

If you look at any incursion or faction warfare fit they tend to have @ 1minute runtimes, but if you look at the fits as if you’re using it(turning off modules not used normally) they tend to increase anywhere for 4minute to stable with 98% cap gain.
These ship fits tend to be pushing the limits of the role they are fitted for.

If you make a completely cap stable fit with everything on you’ve cut your own throat, as you’re sacrificed something to get the extra cap battery/recharge module/s mounted.

To be honest its a bad practice by those that haven’t fully worked out how the fitting window works and how to push a ship fit to its best possible fit. And I’ve seen some really bad ones over the years.

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