How much does Certificate Training actually matter?

I’m hoping I’m not going about this the wrong way; over the past month or so I’ve been training up ship doctrines for corp/alliance/coalition use and also focusing on certifications for the ships that I train. A corp member told me that getting L3 Mastery for certs was a solid way to start but, to put it simply my end-goal is to just be able to fly what’s asked of me so I can maximize the content I’m able to take part in.

I’m speeding up the process of training by having transferred over well over 28mil SP from a different character that I had no interest in playing any further that had a mish-mash of different skills trained up so I could fly different ships on them.

So is it a safe bet to train L3 Cert Mastery for the ships I train to get into?

the Mastery doesn’t matter, unless it really coincides with the fitting you are going with. If you are unsure of how to fit a ship or what you want to do with it, getting mastery up is a good start.

I’ve got ships for different uses, that aren’t even apart of the mastery.

Certificates are meaningless. In fact, trying to train specifically for the purpose of getting Certs may be inefficient since you’ll be mixing and matching skills that don’t line up nicely with your training attributes.

Train the skills you need in order to properly fit and fly the ships that are called for by your corporation / alliance. If you need T2 guns, get those, if you need Amarr Battleship 5, get that, if you need it, get it. If you can already fit and fly the ships you need, train for the things you want to do/get.


I believe certificates and mastery do provide useful guidance for newer players. The certificates are generic and focused on PVP so they have little relevance if, for example, you’re fitting a Sunesis as a fast hauler.

If you’ll be using a ship in its intended role, the certificates for level 3 mastery provide a good foundation to build on.

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The mastery’s are a pointless piece of nonsense that later devs grafted on to the game because other games had achievements and they wanted to appeal to that type of player. You are completely safe in ignoring them. Just train things that appeal to you that will help you do what you want to do.

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