Dev blog: Changes Coming To Planetary Interaction

OK @CCP_Falcon here is a few idea’s to help save clicks.

  1. Make planet’s structures savable like a fitting for a ship…make it save everything about the setup including all routing information. This would allow for me to click a fit on a planet, pay the cost and then instantly be able to utilize it. I could have many different saved configs for production of many types of things or just resource extraction.

  2. Make all factories (and storage) mass editable…allow me to select them all at once, tell them to all produce water (for example) and to let me pick the output location. I then should be able to click on the storage facility/spaceport, it should have a create mass route option and when clicked allows you to highlight all the factories you wish it to output to and then click ok.

These 2 changes would drop that click rate down to the floor.


@CCP_Falcon I have a question:

The last patch, the Winter Expansion according to the Updates schedule, came out on March 20, the literal last day of winter. The Summer Expansion is coming out on May 29th, literally 70 days later, and a full month before the beginning of summer on June 21. My question is thus:

Does CCP know how seasons work?

If CCP does a “PI Overhaul” without fixing the “Extraction Area Size” Slider so help me God…

For real though, it is the worst UI in the game. It is the kind of UI component you come up with when your too tired at uni and your trying to think of terrible ways to deal with user inputs.

Click slider for time with changing increments and no marks for good times like 1d? Get outta town.


How about an AutoBuilder mode which massively simplifies everything? ie

  • Whole installation templates, modifiable, matching the 5 power levels for the skill (forgot name)
  • Option to build clusters of items eg 5 small industry and the game places them for you.
  • From the extractors, industry facilities, storage and launch pads, the game should be able to work out the schematics links and routes needed. That would eliminate nearly all clicks.

And the big question nobody seems to have touched:

How do we make PI an interesting, less disconnected part of the game?

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Can’t find anything I hate about this. Meh @CCP_Falcon

I’d like to remind everyone here that this is not the Player Features & Ideas thread, so if we can keep the discussion around the changes mentioned in the Dev Blog.

Please use the appropriate threads:


The dev blog specifically asks us for click-reducing ideas:

Another rough count has us down to roughly 185 clicks. There are possibly some other areas where we could reduce this number and we would love to hear your feedback on this.

Auto-expansion/replacement of extractor heads around a central one. Plant one, set size, add more without needing to move them all over and over.

Not everyone has your seasons :wink:


Here’s a problem:

How do you deal with the different route lengths, and thus link costs, with the different size of planets.

And no, no mechanics changes. After all, this is a UI pass. Not game design.

(There’s still a bunch of changes I want and am asking for. But this is still good :slight_smile: )


I’m just gonna copy paste what I put on reddit.

I still think the largest changes they could do is allow us to save moon specific templates. One of the biggest hurdles is when you’ve depleted a nearby node and need to move everything to a new location on the same moon. Even with the reduced number, that’s still ~185 clicks you need to do each week or longer depending on how long you set your cycles and the quality of the moon you’re on. This is by far the largest reason why I start and give up on PI every few months. It’s the constant setting up and moving required, I could care less about the cost of it all, it’s the massive amount of time it takes to do this over multiple accounts.

Second being the extractor heads themselves. Changing it so all you have is the single extractor which would then scale in size based on how long you wish to extract would also reduce the amount of clicking and positioning required each time you start a cycle back up again.

Lastly, more of a nitpick thing. Everyone spends most of their time in PI getting their nodes as close to one another as they can to maximize their setup by limited link distance. A simple snap-to would also greatly speed up the process. How many times have any of us gotten slightly too close to another node, clicked, then had to reselect the thing because it failed to place because the mouse shook or it didn’t place as close as we were hoping.

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I must say, CCP

Thank you, this was an improvement im glad you finally are making… its like you read my mind or am i just becoming more indoctrinated… i think both.

Thank you CCP

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Like like like like like liiiiiiike

CCP Claymore

“This pass was just for UI/UX. There are some areas we would love to change on a gameplay side, but we would need to bring in more people for that. All these changes were small changes that a single programmer could handle when we had time.”

Could CCP put someone in charge that would make us feel less wanted? Answer— I dont think so.

This is going to unbalance the game. Way too OP CCP!

I understand that implementing QoL for Planetary Interaction mechanics must be balanced with ISK Faucet considerations. What CCP has proposed thus far will be welcomed, no doubt. I was expecting an improvement on Extractor Head placement, in the way that launched probe deployments are managed, since mineral extraction is the base task most repeated. Having to manually place extractor heads over a resource area without overlapping is tedious.

yes finally less clicking and i do agree with the idea of a saved layout that we can load and edit before we deployed them

These changes are really nice CCP, following the theme of click reduction I just wish to suggest being able to select the facility ie. extractor, then select the product for routing and then (while holding the shift button) clicking on the next facility ie. factories for sending the output to several facilitiess at once. Then being able to select those same facilities by either ‘click and drag’ or ‘holding shift’ again and giving all the selected factories the same route for their respective outputs.

I love these changes. It presents much better visuals while leaving the work and skill involved for good PI setups.

Don’t listen to babies asking for saved layouts. It takes me 5 minutes to setup and extraction planet. 2 minutes to find a new spot and 5 minutes to relocate it. About half an hour for a factory planet with chains, but these you never have to setup again. Links can be different for everyone, so I would hope you don’t force links or routes, because that would mess with manual partial quantities transfers.

Well done. No saved layouts plz.

hi… you are preparing us for the colonization of other real life planets. maybe you do not know this yourself. Thank all CCP!.. I wish you all good luck… with respect from Caucasian Georgia. + :wink: