Personal assets to see things in deliveries hanger

As far as I know and please correct me if I am wrong, but as things stand there is no way to find items that you may have in deliveries hangers or see them remotely. These feels like something that should be subject to a small QoL change. Items can get delivered to you and if your not in that area at the time its far to easy to forget about it.

Could the CMS please consider asking for items in the deliveries hanger to be viewable in the personal assets screen and ideally part of the search in personal assets as well.

Thank you



Little things / Small QoL suggestions would be a great place for this idea. Please make sure to read the first post and follow the posting format so your idea gets properly logged to CCP’s review system.


I would rather nuke the deliveries hanger all together.

Why would you do that? It’s incredibly useful.
Both normal and corporation delivery hangers make transferring things much easier and they should show up in ones list of personal stuff.
Contracts are a pain in the neck, fail sometimes for no apparent reason and frequently take a long time to create.
Deliveries are easy, fast and don’t involve a large UI with needless options. Contracts do have their place, but this sort of transfer isn’t one of them.
Another thing that would be really useful in addition to the the original idea in this thread is being able to subdivide ones items hanger, and no, cargo containers are not useful for this at all, the items hanger needs subfolders.

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