Make Citadel Delivery Hangars accessible/movable remotely

The delivery hangar in citadels seems to lack the option to search for items in them, as well as remotely either trash them, contract them or move them to your normal hangar.

Situation: You get something delivered in a citadel 50 jumps away. You only get notified once about what items they are and you cannot search your delivery hangar items anymore after the fact. Also, the sender does not get any notification that he delivered any items (no history).

After the delivery was done, you cannot access these items in any way unless you dock at the citadel. It should be possible, similar to all other personal assets, to access them, contract or trash them remotely without having to go all over new eden because someone delivered something to you (e.g. contract to an alt to move)
Also, it’s possible that it was delivered to a toon without access, and for all intents and purposes, the item might then be lost.


I consider this as a bug. If something is delivered either it should be placed directly in hangar, either it should be possible to move it in hangar remotely! Just faced this behaviour 5 minutes ago when i delivered some blueprints to my alt for research: blueprints were listed in hangar(and nothing says that it was in “deliveres”, they were listed in my assets), and they were listed in an industry window but i wasn’t able to start research job - it only gives me an error. Untill i moved my alt to this station and manually moved these blueprints from deliveres :rage:
CCP fix this!

Today I used this “Quality of Life” improvement for the first time to move a courier package from a character to another. When I tried to complete the courier contract it kept giving me an error message. After jumping my JC to the said destination I also realized that the items ended up in the deliveries hangar and that these are not used to complete contracts. Please fix this and include this hangar in the general hangar when accessed remotely.

Fixing something implies that it is broken. I believe this feature is a replacement for the ability of corporate management to put stuff directly into a corp members hangar in stations. The delivery system is a lot more flexible - effectively allowing you to station trade between characters on the same account.

I do not believe it is intended as a replacement for item exchange contracts - which is how you traditionally transfer courier contracts between the contract ALT and the freighter pilot (unless the courier contract includes a container in which case you need to fly there and station trade)

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