Items in Deliveries Hanger Not Showing In Personal Assets

Is this intentional?
I cannot think of a reason why they shouldn’t show. Once items are delivered they become my assets.
I’ve just spent hours trying to track down some blueprints that i’d delivered to an alt and couldn’t remember which citadel i’d done it in. (It was a few weeks ago)
It would have been a lot easier just to search for them in Personal Assets.

Anyone any thoughts?

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Sometimes it help to look under the ‘All Items’ tab, then just look at anything that resembles a player structure.
If those items are in a delivery hangar though remote access will be nill requiring you to physically fly there.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but aren’t delivery hangars a CORP feature? In that case, the item would not be among anyone’s personal assets until actually withdrawn from that hangar by someone. However, it may be trackable in the corp assets window…

I don’t think so. I’m sure i’ve delivered items to pilots not in my corp.
I will try it when TQ starts up. I’m sure i also looked in “all items tab” i’ll double check that too.
I really do like the “Deliver To” option. It’s a lot easier and faster than contracts as it’s designed to be.

I’ve just tried it on Singularity and the items show up in “All Items” Tab.
But are NOT searchable. I definitely remember searching for “Blueprints: Original” When i was trying to find them.
I’ll remember that from now on.
Thanks guys.

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