"Deliveries" tab in the Assets window

i have no clue what stations i have deliveries in unless i travel there and check, or view all my notifications.

It would be nice to have a Deliveries tab in the Assets window.

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Deliveries are a corp thing, as an individual anything delivered to you goes to your hanger and shows up in the regular assets window.

Not quite - if you use the “deliver to” option in an Upwell structure it will be delivered to the deliveries hangar in the same structure for the other character.

The other character will receive a notification and the item(s) will be grouped with any other assets in that structure - there will not be a separate entry for stuff in the deliveries hangar.

Edit: it’s a great way to trade stuff between alts on the same account who don’t have access to corp hangars!

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but if i deliver items to my alt, and forget about it, i’ll never be able to find those items again. They dont go directly to my hanger, they go to my “deliveries hanger”. which isnt searchable remotely.

If its a citadel i rarely visit, i’ll forget about it and those items will forever be lost until maybe they get asset safety’d when the citadel is removed/destroyed.

Thats what promted this post. I’ve just discovered a bunch of items in my delivery hanger because i accidentally clicked it. I have no idea when or how they got there. I had deliveries here and never knew.

I wonder where else i have items sitting in my Deliveries. Theres no way to tell unless i visit every citadel in new eden and check.

They will show up in personal assets. You will see every personal asset in the structure but you won’t see which hangar they are in.

If you have stuff in a corporate hangar - it’s assumed to belong to the corporation and will show up under corporate assets.

If you have stuff in a ship or container you’ll need to view contents to see it.

A special tab for deliveries would make it easier but not necessarily better - making mistakes or forgetting should have consequences in a game like Eve!

corp delivery hangers are not at issue here, but personal delivery hangers

Not being able to search for items in the personal delivery hanger via personal assets windows has been a real pain for me often as we cooperate over several systems and many stations

Once assets are delivered in station between characters they go into the personal delivery hanger with a mail notification
Turns out once this is done there is no way to search either mail or personal assets to find such assets effectively now hidden or lost in delivery hangers
The only place is on the all tab of the personal assets window but with thousands of assets hard to spot

Either CCP need to do away with the delivery hanger and drop this directly into item hanger that is searchable via personal assets window
provide delivery hanger search in personal assets
for now i’m avoiding this and encouraging others to use contracts but that has limitations

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