Question about deliver to and corporation deliveries hangar

I bought something using corp funds and It’s too damn big to haul back to my HQ.

So! Does deliver to teleport items to the corp hangar instantly?

Or does can the corporation deliveries hangar be accessed from anywhere a la buy item from jita then ■■■■ off to a corp station ten jumps away and move the too big item from the corp deliveries hangar to my personal hangar there?

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Deliver to will let you give something to another character and they can collect it from the deliveries hangar in the same station.

If you buy something with corp funds, it is delivered to the corp deliveries hangar in the station where it was located. Any corp member with proper roles can retrieve it.

The only thing you can teleport is your consciousness using jump clones.

Consider using a courier service like Red Frog or PushX to move the goods.

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To clarify even further:

Deliver To = put this item in another character’s Deliveries hangar in the same station/citadel
Corp Deliveries = a similar corp-wide deliveries hangar where purchases are placed when bought at a particular station

There is one and only one instance where items get “teleported”, and that is for items that are in a citadel that gets blown up – and even then it’s only within the same system or to the absolute nearest station. This is called “asset safety” and given the price of a citadel, I would not recommend using it for hauling.


Good to know, since I have all my stuff scattered in about a dozen Citadels of different corps.

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