Audible Fleet Invite

wait are you trying to say ccp should add this because there is no need to but maybe someday there may be some small chance of it being needed?

No, you said that.
I didn’t say that it was needed.
They should fulfill their needs first.
If there are parts of the server which needs to be updated to the new OS or OSes, then it should be done first.
This is simply presented here not as a need, but an option, and that may be used to improve the experience of joining a fleet, depending on certain circumstances.

Also, most of the conditions you mention most likely would not apply to me, even if I met them.

Maybe we can add a list of conditions in which it may be useful,
and a list of conditions in which it may not be useful.
I also don’t know about the resources to do so.
(I don’t know about the resources which would be required to implement it.)

you realize each option adds exponential work to the QA team right? even if ccp had nothing left to add to the game that would still not be reason to add this. far better QOL things have been removed from the game for this exact reason

QA team Quality Assurance team ?
QOL things ?


quality of life

lol, for me it’s about efficiency, I find things that are not efficiency are not improving my quality of life.
Others have views that their quality of life is diminished when they don’t get to criticize me and seek to forfeit my work but that’s just them and how they came about to make money and share in their gains together.

It would diminish my potential to do so to others, as they have done onto me.
It can also be used to deny me international rights, as they forfeit their.
If and when someone lies something is good when it’s not, it does make it more confusing.
It becomes more obvious when they try to enforce their opinions, as their opinions to enforce their opinions is their opinion.

aaaaaaaaaaand you are right back to making no sense we were doing so good.

Don’t you get it, you will never change, no matter what.
I have a list of over 3 computers full with patents pending to keep track of the future ones.
You’re become so accustomed to this that the enemy finds it easier to tune themselves to it, as it’s more predictable for their success.


stop going off on these random tangents about things that have nothing to do with anything. it clutters your already muddled points

losses are not acceptable

what losses

Anyways, I’m done talking to you, any data will be kept on other channels.

If I had to deal with a school trying to forfeit my work, we’d very likely be at war, English or not. The law does not discriminate.
If someone tried to attack your wife as suggested in here, you might want to find ways to protect your family instead of trying to be friends with them, because they tell you that you’re not attacked and that you’re not making any sense so that they can keep trying to waste your time, and tell you that you’re changing subject in further attempts to forfeit your work and limit what you can say, and attack you at critical times, and hold you liable of delays while they’re wasting your time.

comes back later to post

another block of near incomprehensible text that has nothing to do with anything.

firstly I would recommend always trying to be friends with your family (not sure why you think that’s a bad thing)

inside a post that makes no sense and has nothing to do with the topic at hand 10/10

The topic is fleet invite and audible fleet invite.
You’re the one who try to make it seem like non-sense.

For instance, if you tried to make the player feature into a weapon to make it bad for quality of life, then, I would have to prevent this and prove it.

@ISD_Sakimura Can you just lock this thread at this point? The OP has utterly failed to concretely explain what they want, and the thread is basically 100-odd posts of the OP’s unintelligible rambling that makes no sense (like if you used google translate to go from english, to french, to latin, then russian, to spanish, and finally back to english) and has basically ruined any chance at this thread functioning. :man_shrugging:

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I tried so hard to get it back on track but I think your right. was worth a good laugh though

So from what I can understand:

You want an audio alert to be played when you receive a fleet invite, while client is running in the background, while looking at Forums, Facebook/Twitter, doing online shopping or what ever it is you do.

This sort of thing is QoL stuff and should be posted here.

ok, ty

This has run its course. Cleaned up the thread to the best of my ability.

This, discussion closed.