Extending the "Community fittings" functionality

Good afternoon!
Now we have "community fittings"in the game .These are fittings from the player community on the forum. And what if you allow groups of players (for example, streamers, communities such as “Abyssal Luckers”, Bombers Bar, Triglavian initiative, groups that are engaged in Sansha farming, and others) to create their own folders with fittings with access to similar mailing lists?
This would be very convenient in my opinion. Now these people are forced to create a lot of chats in order to share their fittings or use third-party ones, and this would be a convenient tool.

EVE could take the existing ACL-system and apply it to fitting folder access. That would be a brilliant idea.

I’ll see what can be done.

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Great idea. I think you must post it on reddit!

why would they wanna post this in ■■■■ it… i mean reddit?


Anyway i can get more involved? I think i read a while back you guys were struggling to find the time to work on it.

I was fairly excited about the project. Even made a barely trained character for the sole purpose of crafting noob friendly fits and play testing them.

All that must needs be done is apply to CCL. :slight_smile:

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I don’t feel i have the temperament for it.

there’s other aspects of CCL, not just the forum ISD’s.

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